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AUTUMN IN CAVALESE: easy hike for foliage in Val di Fiemme, Trentino

To immerse yourself in the colours of autumn in Trentino, we recommend this easy hike in the woods of Val di Fiemme, where you can admire the foliage in the Dolomites.

There are many wonderful places to visit in the mountains in October, but Cavalese in the Dolomites is certainly one of the best. The Val di Fiemme is characterised by an extremely diverse flora and fauna and by breathtaking views of the Dolomites, which turn a thousand colours in autumn.

In Val di Fiemme there are several easy walks and hikes with panoramic views that you can also do with children (read 3 easy walks to see the foliage with children in Val di Fiemme).

During our October offer in the mountains AUTUMN BATHING IN VAL DI FIEMME: FOLIAGE IN TRENTINO SOUTHTIROL IN THE DOLOMITES, we propose a gentle and relaxing hike to immerse yourself in the silence of autumn, starting from Masi di Cavalese towards Salanzada up to the Cavalese waterfall, on a ring route to be discovered.



7,9 km

3 h

We start from Masi di Cavalese, a hamlet of Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, and take the ascending road to Salanzada. Following the road you will reach Malga Salanzada, where you can have a delicious breakfast or a snack with 0 km products. The road goes slightly uphill, but after the alpine pasture it continues on a flat and very pleasant track. From the alpine pasture, continue along the dirt road that leads to the "Pezo del Gazolin", a monumental fir tree known throughout the Val di Fiemme. After one and a half kilometres you will reach the Cavalese waterfall, from where you will return to Masi di Cavalese along the cycle path.

During the walk we invite you to get in touch with the forest, to touch and embrace the trees. If you want to know more about the therapeutic aspects of this practice, read GOOD MOOD THERAPY IN THE FORESTS OF VAL DI FIEMME.


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