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Autumn in Val di Fiemme: Foliage in Trentino in the Dolomites

In autumn in Trentino, there is nothing more beautiful than being enchanted by the foliage in the Dolomites, in Val di Fiemme.

If you have ever wondered where to go in the mountains to see the foliage in autumn in Trentino, you know that the answer is Val di Fiemme, one of the best places to see the foliage in Italy, amidst the unforgettable backdrop of the Dolomites.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the colours of autumn in Trentino? Take a look now at the offer we have put together for you:

The Foliage in Trentino is that moment at the end of summer when everything smells of autumn: the scents, sounds and colours lose their summer glamour and clothe themselves in a new melody, quieter but no less enveloping and harmonious. If you listen, you will really feel that the woods of Val di Fiemme are playing something for you.

Autumn in the Dolomites undoubtedly has something special, and the foliage in Val di Fiemme cannot be described easily; just step into the forest of violins to immerse yourself in a whole new dimension (find out more).

Nature never ceases to be the master of art par excellence, and in Trentino, from September to the end of October, she devotes herself entirely to the colouring of the leaves, which turn from green to yellow, from yellow to orange and from orange to red and brown.

This is the foliage phenomenon that amazes visitors to the Dolomites in Trentino every year.

In September and October, the mountains are the best place to take a deep breath, relax and dedicate yourself to your own well-being.

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea you have the opportunity to experience the colour explosion of the Foliage in Trentino - Alto Adige by walking from the hotel or renting one of our e-bikes.

In between walks, you can enjoy a healthy relaxation in our whirlpool, exclusively at your disposal, or enjoy one of the many holistic massages we offer. You will enter into the autumnal slow life, both indoors and outdoors.


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