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The forests in Val di Fiemme have always been known for their majesty and vastness. The coniferous forests cover 60 % of the Val di Fiemme and the growth rate is impressive: two square metres per minute, about one hundred hectares per year.

A short walk in the woods around Cavalese is enough to get in touch with a forest that speaks to anyone who wants to listen.

When you enter this magical world with deep respect, the doors of nature open. The forests of the Fleimstal invite you to immerse yourself in nature, to walk in the footsteps of the magnificence of creation and to get in touch with yourself.

For an even more intense experience, visitors are invited to touch or hug the trees. This activity is officially recognised as therapeutic by several scientific communities and is called silvotherapy. Various studies claim that from the beginning of time until today, humans have spent 99 percent of their time in the forest. Therefore, a conscious walk in the forest can awaken this feeling of primordiality. Max Calderan, athlete and passionate nature lover, recalls that "in the beginning, our body was perfect. Born in nature and with the means of this nature that we exploit so aggressively today". The call is to establish a new connection with nature, free of any anthropocentric prejudice in favour of a humble and sincere respect. If we listen deeply within ourselves, we discover that this bond has been within us since the beginning of time, just waiting to be released from our spiritual corruptions. To this end, we recommend reading the book Walden. Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau, which leads us to rediscover a sincere and wonderful relationship with the forest.

Besides the spiritual benefits, embracing the trees is also good for cooling the body, which is ideal in these hot days. This news comes from a more than reliable source: the koala. A study by the University of Melbourne in Australia found that koalas lower their body temperature by hugging the trunks of trees closely, more specifically the lower part that is just within our reach.

On these sultry days, there is no better opportunity than to personally experience the soothing effects of the Fleimstal's nature on body and mind, and to come into contact with a forest of great natural and cultural significance.


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