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WHEN THE MOUNTAIN BECOMES DISCOVERY AND FUN: Summer hike with us to 2400 metres

Hiking in the mountains of Trentino in Summer: an adventurous trek, a picnic on the mountain top, yoga on the edge of an alpine lake.

Impossible to resist the call of Val di Fiemme!

What we want with all our hearts is to make you fall in love with our valley and to introduce you to the unknown, such as the Lagorai chain. This is the preferred destination for our trekking ARRIVING WHERE YOU NEVER GO ALONE, which we do once a week.

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... and off we go, after a plantbased and energy breakfast we are ready to tackle the 2,400 metre summit. The packed lunch for the picnic at altitude is in the rucksack. We recommend lots of water, sun cream and poles. If you don't have them, we will lend them to you!

Step 1: Val Cadino between the thousand-year-old forests of Val di Fiemme and the Manghen Pass, which connects Val di Fiemme and Valsugana. Here starts the fantastic Ziolera tour, rich in landscapes and views. We climb up to the fork and then to the cross with a breathtaking 360° view. Fascinated by this nature, we feel like giants, or rather heroes, who have climbed to the top. Our gaze follows the sequence of peaks of the Catena del Lagorai, which stretches for 70 kilometres and seems to draw silhouettes of gigantic waves rippling and sliding in the sky.

The pristine Catena del Lagorai is somewhat the alter ego of the Dolomites. If the dolomite limestone rocks do not retain a trickle of water, but enchant with reddish reflections, the porphyritic rocks of the Lagorai are precious treasure troves of emerald green water. On the Lagorai, where eagles dare, you can walk for days without encountering a human being. It is one of the last remaining intact alpine territories.

There are 14 Lagorai lakes that dominate the Val di Fiemme. Some are easily accessible, others require trained legs.

Step 2: Buse Lake. After the picnic at high altitude, we decide to descend along the steep and uneven path. Overhanging we see the green lake and finally the pink expanse: the kingdom of rhododendrons. The lake inspires us and we decide to relax, do yoga and even meditate.

Step 3: Amidst giant boulders, monumental trees and full mugho trees we decide to return to the Manghen Pass. The ford across the stream is still missing. One of us bravely prepares the little stone bridge to cross the water. It is done and we have arrived, tired but happy.

This is the story of Azalea trekking to make you experience a beautiful holiday, giving you the opportunity to capture every aspect of nature, even unspoilt nature.

Come and visit us and we are sure you will be fascinated. It will be difficult for you to return home.


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