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FOREST BATHING IN VAL DI FIEMME: the first certified forest in the world for Forest Bathing

When it comes to love of nature, we in the Val di Fiemme are all about it!

The world's first certified forest for forest bathing is located in Val di Fiemme and offers four different routes, all of which can be tried out!

This certification makes it possible to protect the forest in a special way, even more than the forests of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme are already protected.

In the forests of Val di Fiemme there is a real forest for "forest bathing", the first certified forest in the world. This therapeutic practice, which originated in Japan in the 1980s, aims to relieve stress-related symptoms and promote a deeper connection with the forest through the immersion of all five senses. Scientific research has shown positive effects on human psychophysical health as well as on the cardiovascular, immune and neuroendocrine systems.

We had already talked about this forest before the certification: FOREST BATHING IN VAL DI FIEMME: BETWEEN ANCIENT TREES, MOUNTAIN STREAMS AND HAPPY FERNS

In order to maintain or even improve the forest's capacity to provide wellness activities, it must be managed responsibly. FSC Italy coordinated a team of experts to create guidelines for the establishment and maintenance of forest bathing trails, thus obtaining the world's first FSC certification for forest management that promotes health and wellness activities. The Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, which has been managing the vast tree population of several municipalities since 1111, has obtained this certification.


segnaletica per percorso di forest bathing

Forests have always been at the heart of the local economy and society, and responsible use has allowed this immense wealth to be passed on to the present day.

There are currently four forest bathing trails whose routes can be downloaded in kml and gpx format from the website. The first is the Dynamic Forest Trail, which winds for the most part on level ground through forests with "dynamic" tree species and ages (spruce, fir, pine, hazelnut, etc.) and offers panoramic views of the Val di Fiemme. The "Sentiero dell'Acqua" (Water Path) runs along a stream for about a kilometre, crossing partly magnificent spruce, fir and pine forests, partly open areas (peat bogs, hidden ponds and rocky areas) where relaxation becomes a spontaneous act.

The "Path of the Patriarchs" is a 450 m long path surrounded by spruce and pine forests. Along the path, one encounters monumental, centuries-old trees called "patriarchs" that can provide exciting moments and impart the wisdom of ancient beings. The "Ephemeral Pond Trail" is a short trail named after a seasonal pond that only appears at certain times of the year. The trail passes through clearings, small bogs and other open spaces that provide a sense of freedom and tranquillity.


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