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In Val di Fiemme, near the Primiero Valley, in Paneveggio to be precise, there is a forest that is more unique than rare: the forest of the Stradivarius violins. What could be better than a walk in the shade of these magnificent trees, far from the chaos of the city, amidst the beauty of the Val di Fiemme?

The uniqueness of this forest lies in the exceptional quality of the trees used to make resonance boxes for musical instruments. The forest is known as the "violin forest" and the firs are called "resonance trees". The fir of the Val di Fiemme (read more about the centuries-old fir in Cavalese on the Ecological Walk with Giulia) is known for its unique elastic ability to transmit sounds better, thanks to the numerous lymphatic channels that vibrate like small organ pipes. The trees were and are felled during the waning moon phase (between October and November), when there is less sap in the trunk. The best trees grew in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the Little Ice Age prevailed. The forest bears witness to a very old tradition: as early as the 16th century, Cremonese lute makers went to this area to personally determine the best trees. Among these craftsmen was also the famous Stradivari.

For a brief insight, we recommend the video with Uto Ughi, in which the great violinist accompanies us through the music of this highly prized forest.

In the Forest of Violins you will have the opportunity to walk through the same places travelled by famous masters, breathing an air full of art, tradition and folklore. Thanks to an interactive itinerary guided by the app The Forest that Plays (iOS and Android version), you will have the chance to fully immerse yourself in the vibrations of this forest, listening to the pieces of talented masters who have made an art of music out of the trees of Val di Fiemme.

The combination of music and nature has an extremely positive effect on our mind, body and soul. This interactive path is able to promote relaxation by creating space for a new inner awareness. Music and nature are able to calm the heartbeat and regulate the influx of feel-good hormones.

The experience of the violin forest, precisely because of its uniqueness, is one of the most famous attractions of Val di Fiemme, a must-see for anyone passing through Cavalese.


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