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At our family hotel in Val di Fiemme, children and parents experience unforgettable memories. The activities with Gladys encourage a creative approach to nature and give young guests the freedom to express themselves and have new experiences.

In complete safety, we propose activities involving fire, such as the campfire in the garden and the walk in the dark with lanterns, which we will tell you about in a moment...

The winter evenings may be dark and cold, but they always preserve the magic and wonder of the Trentino winter landscape.

As if the nature of Val di Fiemme at night wasn't romantic enough, we decided to make a winter hike at night even more magical and unforgettable!

For the children, it is really exciting to be out in the dark in winter in Val di Fiemme.

The little ones are already excited in the afternoon when they prepare the lanterns together with which they will light the way. Recycled glasses and packaging, coloured transparent paper and colourful threads are used to create cute lanterns that the children can take home to keep the memory of this unique evening.

After dinner with the fairy Gladys (meet her here), everyone gets ready.... the excitement grows, as do the layers of clothing that will keep the children warm: Tights, ski suits, wool socks, warm jumpers, gloves, scarves and hats.

Well wrapped up, we set off from Eco Park Hotel Azalea into the darkness with lanterns. Destination? The cave of the bats!

The road leads to the illuminated tower of San Valerio and then up through the meadows to the tunnel of the old Val di Fiemme railway. This is where the bats live! The children's hearts beat fast, the excitement is great, and with a torch they look for the bat families that live there.... Much laughter and cackling echoes through the tunnel. After having fun with the echo, it's time to slowly return to the hotel, even if the children don't want to go back at all because it's too nice to have fun at night in winter.

Undaunted, the parents wait for them.... The children come in the door happy and excited with red cheeks and drink a hot drink together while listening with joy to the story of this unforgettable experience!


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