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"Animation at Azalea is a celebration for all children".

Interacting with nature and transforming it into a fantasy object becomes a moment of joy and sharing.

Through many games, the children interact with each other, discover and overcome cultural, linguistic and age differences and transform them into joy.

They take home unforgettable memories of the mountains, the forests and being together.

Music, cooking, magic and lots of imagination are the ingredients for the experience at Azalea with them.

Children can be free and remain children.

Respect for nature, discovering the wonders of forests and meadows is invaluable for their future. Children learn through play by touching the earth in the vegetable garden, putting their bare feet in the stream, collecting pine cones, pieces of wood and stones and building their own natural treasure. Small, everyday, environmentally friendly actions for a better future.

"I have a lot of fun with them and the children feel it.... A shared feeling to the sound of drums and colours."

Your Fairy Gladys


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