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Our family hotel in Val di Fiemme (Trentino - South Tyrol) is characterised by an experiential and creative animation aimed at establishing contact between nature and the child. This way, the little guests can experience truly unforgettable memories!

In addition to the various activities such as small handicrafts, hikes in the woods of Val di Fiemme, cooking and music workshops, there is one activity that is particularly fun and memorable for the children: the campfire in the garden.

Gladys and the children light a campfire together and gather in a circle on the hotel's large lawn to take in the wonder of the open fire.

Around the fire, marshmallows are cooked, drums and instruments made from recycled materials are played, there is dancing and laughter.

The children were carried away by the joy and community and spontaneously sang a song that sounded like a hymn of happiness.

In this workshop, children learn how to light and extinguish fire, how to tame, respect and appreciate it.

Children are born with a natural curiosity and are attracted to fire. This may seem scary to some parents, but it is a natural instinct that should not be resisted, but supported and addressed with the right precautions.

We believe it is important to allow contact with nature and the elements that govern it. The power of fire is a very beneficial and powerful force when approached with the right mindfulness, and children easily understand the benefits of contact with this element. Just look at the spark of wonder that lights up in their eyes along with the fire, and that makes us adults happy too.


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