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In a special forest near Cavalese in the Val di Fiemme, in Solaiolo, a new ecologically sustainable hiking trail has been created in collaboration with the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, which turns nature into its own therapy.

The path can be followed alone or in the company of a qualified holistic guide such as Dori or Katia, who will take you on a true experience within yourself.

By stimulating the senses, the mind and the heart, the interested person is gradually led to the discovery of nuances of their inner being and immersed in an Arcadian world of soft sounds, fragrances and shades of green.

The therapy in question is called forest bathing and is recognised as a therapy in several Eastern countries. Recently it has gained a foothold in the western world and thus also in the Fleimstal, and its benefits have been studied by authoritative scientific circles.

A forest bath leads the "bather" into a new sensory dimension, where the perception of the present and the connection with the joy of childhood are strengthened.

These effects are promoted by the high presence of monterpenes, organic biomolecules emitted by certain tree species such as spruce and beech, in which the Solaiolo forest is rich.

The energetic quality is also of great importance, as older trees radiate a strengthening and healing energy. On the Path of the Patriarchs it is actually possible to come into contact with trees that are older than 150 years.

The experience is divided into different routes according to one's own abilities and needs. If you have the right will and the necessary time, you can walk the entire 2.8 km circuit in four routes:

  • The Dynamic Forest Trail

  • The Water Path

  • The Path of the Patriarchs

  • The Route of the Ephemeral Lakes

(more information about the routes can be found at

Thanks to the commitment of the forester of Trentino Ilario, the forest is getting closer and closer to being certified as a qualified forest for forest bathing. In fact, the area has already been recognised as suitable, as it complies with the essential guidelines: The removal of noise pollution and the specificity of the trees recognised for the practice means that the path is very close to obtaining the title, where its natural specificity and therapeutic value are scientifically recognised.

Forest bathing is a rewarding experience, one has to experience the benefits and only then will the power that the forest is able to impart become clear.

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