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A ski week in Val di Fiemme means lots of skiing, but also hiking and snowshoeing! During your ski week in Val di Fiemme you can have many different experiences. Today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful excursion in the neighbouring Val di Fassa: from the Costalunga Pass to the Rifugio Roda di Vael.

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From the Costalunga pass we took path 548 and from the Roda di Vael hut we returned the same way.

We passed several mountain huts that were closed for the winter break, but no less impressive for that. The first section was still through the forest, then the landscape opened up with a breathtaking panorama of the Latemar, the Sella Group and the Marmolada. Only the last stretch was a bit steep, but soon we reached the Roda di Vael refuge below the magnificent Catinaccio.

Immersing yourself in the silence of the Dolomites in winter is pure emotion! The forest seems enchanted and everything around it rests under a white mantle.

We walk through this fairytale landscape, everything around us glistens, and with every step we sink a little into the snow and leave traces for those who will follow us.

After walking through the quiet forest, the trees clear and we can see the mountain peaks. Arriving at the refuge, we open our eyes and enjoy the fantastic landscape that spreads out before us: the Rose Garden from its inner side. Like actors in a theatre of the Dolomites, we enjoy this magical moment.

We are accompanied by a friend, Manuela's son, Nils, and a close friend of his. We decide to take off our snowshoes and are immediately swallowed up by the deep snow!

Laughing, it is even harder to get up again, and like quicksand our legs disappear under the snow.

The tears of joy and laughter freeze almost immediately: it's fifteen degrees below zero! We have double caps and double gloves, we are funny but warm.

With magic, sometimes the unexpected happens.... one of Nils' snowshoes breaks: we have to decide whether to turn back or keep going by taking turns swapping snowshoes. The solution can only be the latter! It took a long time, we took turns walking with limp legs, but we were rewarded by the wonder of nature and this mishap made the walk even more memorable.

We arrive at our destination and decide to have a picnic despite the cold. It is very difficult to take sandwiches because our hands are frozen, but we are happy, surrounded by beauty and we don't care.... We are also equipped with hot Arabic tea and cinnamon, which we take turns holding to warm ourselves. It is a beautiful moment that we still remember with emotion.

Despite the joy, it really is getting too cold! So we decide to turn back to the Costalunga Pass, all line up with red cheeks and jump down into the snow.

We arrive tired but happy and go back to the hotel for a well-deserved hot chocolate.

For us it was truly an unforgettable experience, a hike through different landscapes in the midst of breathtaking scenery that we would really recommend.

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