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An alternative idea for a winter holiday in the mountains of Trentino at Eco Park Hotel Azalea

The mountains in Trentino offer an infinite wealth and for years we have believed that skiing is not and should not be the only attraction of mountain tourism. Here in Val di Fiemme we also believe that the idea of a winter holiday in Trentino should focus on a more varied and sustainable offer.

Nature, culture, gastronomy and wellness are omnipresent in Trentino.

Why not find an alternative solution together? It is possible to enjoy a winter holiday in Trentino that does not harm the environment and costs less.

Let's change.

The signs are increasingly alarming.

The recent heat led to the cancellation of the first autumn World Cup races in Cervinia.

Climate change, drought, the African high pressure area at the end of October and rising energy costs are increasingly endangering the Alpine model built on skiing and artificial snow.

There is an urgent need to rethink the tourism concept and combine it with ecologically sustainable ideas to preserve the preciousness of the mountains.

Skiing is certainly fun, but it's good to explore an alternative winter holiday.

Forget the pictures from the mountains with slopes, ski lifts, cable cars and chair lifts, all in bright white coats and with lots of people in colourful overalls.

The mountain is this, but it is also much more!

Snow-covered mountains, meadows, forests and plateaus like in a fairy tale. You can enjoy them in different ways: slowly, on foot, with snowshoes, with a sledge, on cross-country skis or with alpine skis.

An alternative, relaxing idea for a winter holiday where you can relax, pause and take a breath.

With or without snow.

The seasons have changed, the temperatures and precipitation have changed. But even without snow, the mountains offer emotions.

Val di Fiemme, with its ecological and cultural richness, is a good example of the differentiation of winter tourism.

Ice walks, small local museums, cooking courses, invisible and silent mountains, forest bathing and lantern walks on winter evenings. These are just some of the many exciting experiences you can have on your winter holiday in Trentino, even without snow.

Many memorable, affordable and sustainable activities to experience the mountains as they are, with snow, with little snow and without snow. They bring us back to an altruistic feeling towards the planet and future generations. Because the monoculture of skiing does not have this in mind, but the consumption of resources in a way that is harmful to the nature of the tourist areas.

We love skiing, but at the same time we believe that the holiday model must modernise and stand out for its environmental sustainability, offering many alternatives for a slow winter experience in contact with the mountain and the naturalness of its places, experienced with the love and respect it deserves.


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