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The eco-friendly hotel to feel
good in Val di Fiemme Dolomites

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is located in a central, peaceful area of Cavalese, Val di Fiemme.
Alpine holidays designed to feel good, philosophy focused on the well-being of people.
Green, sustainable, kind, 100% vegetarian cuisine also in the the traditional one, based on organic products. Park Hotel Azalea offers its guests, a mountain wellness holiday, with yoga, holistic treatments, amid the Dolomites, to experience an unknown Val di Fiemme, both in Summer and in Winter.
Our is a relaxing, welcoming, creative hotel, where time, space and tranquility are important values towards adults and kids.



Discover our offers for an unforgettable experience at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea, in Cavalese. Choose the one that suits you best and spend a special holiday!

MINDFUL weekend
Available from 16/06/ to 19/06/2022
The sound of the mountain in the Springtime 7=6
Available from 01/06/ to 01/07/2022
Meyotai in the Dolomites: a weekend of awakening
Available from 03/06/ to 05/06/2022
It's family time
Available from 02/07/ to 10/09/2022


The kitchen of Eco Park Hotel Azalea is an ethical choice, healthy cuisine, colorful and tasty. It is 100% vegan and organic, is mostly full of plant (so to say plant based), combined with passion, knowledge and imagination with whole grains, legumes and pulses, vegan gourmet dishes are created to satisfy the most demanding palates.

We’ve always been aware that "we are what we eat", for this we choose high-quality organic ingredients, selecting them from those that particularly help strengthen our immune system. Whenever possible, we rely on local farmers to small mills that still grind ancient Italian grains on stone, flours, fresh and fragrant, which meet our mother yeast and give rise to bread and fragrant desserts. 

The nature and its rhythms guide our choices, the pure, clear water of Val di Fiemme and herbs that grow in the meadows to flavor dishes, along with sea salt coming from the saline of Cervia and Sicily. Our cuisine was born in the Dolomites with dishes that also reflect this tradition, but with an open eye and heart on the world, bringing colored spices into the kitchen which, used with wisdom and parsimony, perfume and heat our "worldwide” vision on dishes .


Flower rooms

The 34 rooms and junior suites in our hotel in Val di Fiemme are striking due to their harmony of colours and their names that are based on the flowers in our garden…azalea, gladiola, violet. The flower theme runs throughout the hotel. In our rooms, modern style meets classic and vintage design elements. The furnishings are made of ecological and natural materials such as wood and felt. The windows look out over the garden and the town of Cavalese, the Lagorai mountains, Corno Nero, the Cornon and the Pala Group. This is what creates the link between nature and people that is a feature of the special location of the Park Hotel Azalea. The happiness of the house and rooms, which are simple and homey, creates a peaceful, enveloping atmosphere that encourages to open up and let go.


“Starbene” moments

Feel free and timeless. Walk and feel every muscle. Grounded and happy on the summit. Perceive nature and breathe deeply. The fragrance of the woods and flowers. The sky when it snows. Yoga in the garden and relaxing in the Turkish bath. A massage and a breath, pampering for the soul and senses... and guests at our hotel in Cavalese begin to fly! When on holiday in Val di Fiemme, there is nothing mandatory that you have to do. Even doing nothing can be very invigorating.


Happy families

In Val di Fiemme, Valle Viva, dedicated to families and connected to nature, those of us at the Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese are creating a colourful world, like a work in progress, for a worry-free and eco-sustainable holiday for the whole family. And we are succeeding! This is confirmed by the smiling faces of our guests, both adults and children. For children we have indoor and outdoor areas and stimulating and creative activities. For parents we also offer the possibility of enjoying some pleasant moments just for two.


Simple experiences

Emotion on the peaks and a sea of flowers - crystalline mountain lakes and picturesque cabins - wade up to the knees and fish in the river - feel how good it is to have two feet on the ground - discover nature with snowshoes - discover the history of the valley through the particular glimpses of the towns - lie in the grass to watch the clouds - a good book and a carbonated drink - We are convinced: happiness is being surprised by every little thing!


Unique holiday-experiences at Eco Park Hotel Azalea