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Today, also at the Park Hotel Azalea, we celebrate International Women's Day, a holiday that commemorates achievements in the political, economic and social spheres and highlights situations of violence and discrimination by recognising the role of women in our society.

Pink is the colour that most represents the soul of our hotel: from the logo to the people who make their daily contribution in their work.

With us, women play a key role, as our staff is almost entirely made up of girls: from the kitchen to the lounge, from the rooms to the management.

The main female component has an important impact on the management of our hotel, thanks to the qualities, characteristics and spirit of teamwork and female solidarity that sets us apart.

The atmosphere at the Park Hotel Azalea is light, kind and serene, characterised by a warm welcome and cleanliness.

Another strong point is certainly the multinationality of our team, which leads to a meeting of different points of view and cultures, bringing richness to our establishment.

The name of our hotel, like that of our rooms, makes you realise how much flowers mean to us: each flower expresses a different thought and feeling.

The mimosa is the symbol par excellence of 8 March, a tradition born in Italy thanks to the founder of Unione Donne in Italia, which chose this flower as its official symbol in 1948.

For Native Americans, it has a meaning of strength and femininity, representing simplicity and purity.

Moreover, the mimosa blooms precisely at this time, making it the ideal flower to celebrate this day.


To celebrate this day, a themed dinner was a must!

With dishes that look like paintings, we want to thank all the customers who will celebrate this important holiday with us.

Our kitchen girls: Sofia, Lucia and Laura!

Ana, Tatiana e Valentina,our Housekeepers!

The waitresses: Cristina, Katia, Gabriela, Giulia and Giada!


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