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nature and culture

Whether it's summer, spring, autumn or winter, Val di Fiemme and Trentino offer landscapes and itineraries to discover on foot, by mountain bike, on skis, snowshoes and skins, then woods and wonderful sceneries in which to get lost. for a walk, a picnic, a ski or a yoga session.

Framed by the Dolomites , Val di Fiemme is famous for its great variety of landscapes, for its history dating back to the Middle Ages , for sporting and leisure events throughout the year.

Val di Fiemme is the ideal place for an eco- sustainable holiday without using the car, without waste and with an eye towards the future.


the magic of Val di Fiemme in winter

Val di Fiemme , a well-known area of the Eastern Alps for cross-country skiing, presents some of the most spectacular ski itineraries along the Marcialonga track , among the woods of Passo Lavazè , Passo San Pellegrino and the technical rings of the cross-country stadium the emotions of the 2013 Combined World Championships catapult us to the next 2026 Olympics and continue to give them during the Tour de Ski .

Every type of alpine adventure : from snowshoes to snowboarding and skiing of all kinds. The magnificent slopes of Alpe Cermis can be reached by ski bus from our hotel in 5 minutes.

A winter in the name of dynamism, but also of slowness. 

A sparkling white as far as the eye can see, the cold and crystalline air that tinges the cheeks with red, the scent of cinnamon and aniseed stars, the breathtaking silence of a winter landscape , small snow crystals draw flowers on the windows ... and then the beneficial heat of the sauna : pure happiness.

With snowshoes , nature lovers discover places hidden by the snow and far from the ski areas, finding themselves in silence, step by step. Walks with snowshoes are an adventure that guests can enjoy by renting them directly at the hotel and reaching the most idyllic places of Val di Fiemme accompanied by them.

High altitude sun, landscapes that thrill. The nearby mountains and their slopes lead us to amazement. With mountaineering skis you can discover the most unusual views of the valley, descending with elegance and leaving soft traces in the snow. From the slopes of Alpe Cermis , to the Latemar / Obereggen carousel , to Alpe di Lusia , for families, snowboarders and skiers: a different mountain every day.


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the charm of the Val di Fiemme in summer

Choosing Val di Fiemme as a destination in summer is the first step for a sustainable and relaxing holiday, but also an active and healthy one.

The Val di Fiemme, in Trentino , contains a world of dynamic and cultural experiences at any altitude, starting from the valley floor, through the history of the villages, up to the peaks of the Lagorai or Latemar chain.

The theme parks of Val di Fiemme are a surprise for all families who discover the Kingdom of Dragons , caress the deer in Paneveggio , bathe in the Giro d'ali and can admire the sculptures of Respirart , the highest Land Art park in the world. 'Europe.

It is possible to experience "the cool days of summer" in a colorful, welcoming, cheerful and eco-friendly house: here it is essential to forget about everyday life, relax, walk barefoot ... simply be a guest .

Enjoy a tour to the highest refuge or enrich your stay with an idyllic excursion in the name of ecology , without using the car. For E-bike lovers, this alpine area reserves routes of all levels of difficulty. A few steps from the town center, the meadows and the waterfall ... here every destination is easily accessible and within reach!

Health according to nature means walking, perhaps barefoot in the garden of the house, on the pebbles or in the river, being warmed by the sun, breathing pure air , walking and wishing to find direct contact with Nature .

In summer all this is rediscovered: meadows, woods and rocky peaks, mountaineering , climbing , trekking and rafting ... Val di Fiemme is the most authentic destination for a responsible holiday .


the colors of the Val di Fiemme in autumn

In autumn the Val di Fiemme presents a varied palette of colors : from the red of the leaves of the cherry trees, to the orange of the majestic larches, to the yellow of the birch leaves, these warm colors contrast with the colder ones, such as the blue of the sky. and the green of the fir trees.

Walking in the crisp autumn air , immersed in nature preparing for the long winter, is a joy for the eyes and the heart.


The leaves fall like chestnuts . Children compete to collect them and do creative crafts.