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Creative cuisine

The cuisine of the Eco Park Hotel Azalea is for everyone.
We have a wide, also vegan-friendly and organic proposal.

The great variety of local products or sustainable short supply chains guarantees an extensive omnivore, vegan and vegetarian gourmet menu that is able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Traditional Trentino dishes together with water from the springs of the Dolomites are in line with our philosophy of health and sustainability .

Aware that " we are what we eat ", we choose high quality organic ingredients every day, always preferring those that help strengthen the immune system. In doing this, moreover, we tend to rely as much as possible on local farmers, small mills that grind ancient Italian grains with stone and, more generally, on zero-kilometer and sustainable suppliers.


Nature and its rhythms guide our choices also in the culinary field: the pure water of the Val di Fiemme in Trentino, the wild herbs that grow in the meadows and the sea salt that necessarily comes from the salt pans of Cervia and Sicily flavor the dishes. .


Our cuisine was born in the heart of the Dolomites and offers dishes that reflect this tradition, but with our eyes and hearts always open to the world, also admitting colored spices that are used with patience and parsimony, perfuming the dishes of "Weltanschauung". The cuisine of the Eco Park Hotel Azalea is natural, healthy, colorful and tasty at the same time.


Natural and eco

The Park Hotel Azalea is eco -sustainable, from the structure to the kitchen. The goal is to enhance the Trentino Alto Adige area, its products and its recipes with sustainable actions such as self- production, recovery, use of fermented products.

The cuisine is entirely vegetarian-vegan , with also raw dishes .

There is no lack of attention to the most varied nutritional needs, with gluten-free dishes or other intolerances and allergies.

Ours was a path guided by awareness and responsibility towards the environment and the planet.


Food must not be wasted. All this without ever lacking variety: our ecological hotel in Cavalese, Trentino, offers different sensory experiences every day.


We go from intriguing themed evenings that update the "recipes of the past", perhaps revisited in a gourmet key, to the classic polenta, to even get to some raw food experimentation. Obviously all with respect to the particular nutritional needs, today more and more widespread.

The dining room, illuminated by large windows overlooking the garden , is a place where special atmospheres are created thanks to the imaginative " mise en place " that adapt to menus, seasons and parties.


With candles, flowers, fruit, aromatic herbs and a few fir needles ... Azalea always creates with nature!


our offers


100% organic breakfast

The breakfast is completely organic , in line with our sustainable philosophy, respectful of the environment and people.

A good morning in the only ecological hotel in Val di Fiemme, in Trentino, has the scent of organic fair trade coffee and the flavor of fragrant homemade cakes.

Our organic breakfast is inspired by a different theme every day. Homemade vegan nutella, rapadura and wholemeal bread from our ovens.

The scent of cereal and fresh seed rolls invites you to wake up, muesli, smoothies, centrifuges, Budwig cream, humus and seasonal vegetables invigorate and prepare you for the day's activities.


All accompanied by a tea or an infusion of local herbs and flowers, created especially for the hotel by an expert on herbs from Trentino. Cheeses from the Cavalese dairy , at zero km, and eggs from Val di Fiemme can never be missing to support the local economy and guarantee fresh products from sustainable suppliers.


Vegetable cheeses and scrambled tofu, always available on request, enrich the buffet with original proposals.

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sweets and treats

Even the pastry of the Eco Park Hotel Azalea stands out for the purity of aromas and flavors, as well as for its lightness.

All the recipes are designed to ensure the naturalness of the ingredients as much as possible: for this reason natural sweeteners, vegetable milk and extra virgin olive oil are used. The result is a delicious and at the same time healthy dessert .

Cakes, braids, puddings, muffins, spoon desserts, seasonal fruit gels accompany the snack and dinner.

The traditional Trentino strudel , made with "pasta matta" (flour and water), is the emblem of our philosophy, which always offers a cuisine in tune with the seasons : in spring the rhubarb strudel from our garden, in summer the of apricots, while from September that of apples.

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