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The renovation of the Park Hotel Azalea has made it an eco- sustainable hotel . The idea was born from the dream of creating a building that was in tune with the environment and from the belief that nature is a fundamental heritage.

The distinctive features of our hotel in Trentino are the harmony that is created in a colorful and creative environment, the vegetable, organic and regional culinary pleasures, rooms and spaces designed according to the standards of bio -architecture, yoga and the discovery of nature as a basis. for a wellness holiday in the mountains.

eco-sustainable thoughts

Our ecological hotel in Trentino has been renovated according to innovative logic, starting with the use of natural materials that have allowed us to obtain CASACLIMA certification .
Untreated wood and CFS certified, windows and glazing that guarantee low energy consumption , systems for the recovery of heat and rainwater, biomass heating and energy from renewable sources .
Sustainability is not only environmental, but also social and economic: this is the philosophy of the Park Hotel Azalea.

The use of recyclable materials is our motto. We buy products from local social cooperatives , such as the cheerful boiled wool decorations that embellish and animate the hotel.

We don't have a 1,000-meter spa, we only have regional wines. In the rooms there are no precious woods, but those of our woods, the mini bar and TV are missing. Some say that the charm of this place is not in what there is, but in what is missing. There are no employees and no customers: in fact, we call them collaborators and guests respectively.

At Azalea, in our family, we go in search of kindness by serving smiles and cuddles for the future of our planet.

Sustainability , therefore, is not only environmental, but also social : we take care of every single employee and every guest. Of those, like Bakary, who fled the Gambia, received his residence permit and helps us in the hotel.

The economy of the common good , ethics in purchases and relationships are the principles that guide our actions.




Eco-sustainable projects

We are messengers of the VAIA CUBE . It is a spruce amplifier , designed for your own music, to fill your space and accompany the reading of your book.

Each VAIA CUBE is unique : there is no one piece alike, because each stroke of the ax given by the craftsman engraves a cut that follows the natural grain of the wood, thus evoking the wound of the forest .


Each VAIA CUBE sold represents a new tree that will be planted in the Dolomites .

megafono bianco.png



cleaning without chemicals

Through their antioxidant, fermentative, regenerative, energetic and communicative effect, " effective microorganisms " (EM) create a positive environment in their habitat.

More than 80 different EMs live each of the metabolic products of the others: a self- cleaning power that we at the Park Hotel Azalea trust and have been using for 12 years.

our experience

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