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SOS DESIGN IN BOLZANO: small, big ideas from youngs that will change the world

It's time to change, update and raise awareness!

We were at Diplorama 2023 at the University of Art and Design in Bolzano for the presentation of SOS: Study Projects for New Sustainable Design.

Among the talented students was Valentina Cemin from Predazzo with a project for Val di Fiemme and small farmers!

Diplorama presents the work of design and art graduates.

SOS is a reinterpretation of the international message "Save Our Souls". The students transformed it into "Sorting Out Solutions", a call to reflection and action.

The project encourages us not to let despair and apathy overwhelm us in the face of environmental and social emergencies that threaten the survival of our planet. The students of the Faculty of Art and Design are aware of the challenges we face and want to contribute as designers and artists. The common denominator of their work this year is the universal three-letter sequence describing an emergency or distress signal interpreted not as a call for help but as "Sorting Out Solutions". Their aim is to develop creative solutions to the problems of today by taking personal responsibility.

According to the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Nitzan Cohen, it is easy to see that art and design are moving in the right direction to address pressing current issues such as climate change, circular economy, alternative materials, local natural resources, and social and gender inclusion. This can help avoid some of the problems that will arise in the near future.

Luca Weste has realised a photo project that tells the story of "Maradona", a man who volunteers to take care of the space under an overpass near the Virgolo in Bolzano, trying to bring some beauty and domestic warmth to a no man's land. The project had a great social impact and was supported by a successful crowdfunding that will help Maradona achieve his goal of an independent flat in the city.

Valentina Cemin, a student from Predazzo, has developed a tool to promote local, sustainable and conscious shopping in collaboration with producers from Val di Fiemme. The result of her work is a box inspired by the fruit and vegetable boxes, but versatile. The box, a canvas bag and hemp padding, made mainly from natural and recycled materials from local farms, were designed to meet the specific needs of local farmers.

The multimedia installation "Ips" by Lucas Geiger is the result of extensive research on the transformation of forests in South Tyrol. In particular, his work proposes a change of perspective and examines the role of humans in the spread of the Ips typographus, the bark beetle that causes enormous damage in local forests.

Alberto Cappellina's project addresses the issue of migration through social design and interaction in urban space. The project includes a multifunctional kiosk that provides a space for migrants and social institutions in Bolzano to create practices of inclusion and integration. This structure focuses on service orientation, economic well-being and cultural exchange.


So many small ideas that will save the world. Everyone can contribute to change the course, each with their own means and talents!

Even a small thought can be the first step towards a greener, healthier and more sustainable world.


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