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CLEANING WITH EFFECTIVE MICRORGANISMS: The Eco Park Hotel Azalea's environmentally friendly choice.

We work every day to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday in Val di Fiemme without worrying about damaging the precious nature of Trentino. Among the environmentally friendly measures we take is the replacement of normal cleaning agents with effective microorganisms. A natural, precious raw material that has revolutionised the way we clean and disinfect.

We have been using microorganisms since 2010. Even during the pandemic we disinfected and sanitised with microorganisms and everything went well!

Cleaning with microorganisms is a preventive and ecological choice

The traditional approach to cleaning is to get rid of dirt and bacteria any way you can. Many have made the mistake of thinking that the strongest chemicals are the best choice when it comes to cleaning. Over the years, more attention has begun to be paid to the disadvantages of completely eliminating all bacteria.

However, research shows that not all microbes are harmful. On the contrary, destroying some bacteria can do more harm than good. These so-called good microbes, known as probiotics, are beginning to be used for cleansing. The idea is to create an environment where good microbes can triumph by taking space away from harmful microbes.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are necessary for our health. In an attempt to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause a variety of health problems, we have developed products that eliminate the very bacteria we need for good health.

How probiotic cleansing works

The microorganisms we use are living organisms, such as bacteria, that occur naturally in humans. These living microorganisms provide health benefits to the host (or surface) when administered in sufficient quantity. The way probiotic cleansing works is quite simple. The microorganisms keep the "bad" bacteria at bay by occupying the surface area they normally feed on. Since the bad bacteria have nothing to eat, they become inactive and cannot reproduce.

Chemical-free, natural and environmentally friendly - that's why microorganisms are such good friends for us!

Effective microorganisms clean down to the microscopic level and deodorise the room by eliminating odour-causing bacteria.

It is ecologically beneficial and safe for humans, animals and other life forms.


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