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WINTER EVENING HIKING: Emotions during your ski week in Val di Fiemme (Trentino)

Not only skiing during your ski holiday in Val di Fiemme. During your skiing holiday in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme you will have many experiences.

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea you can switch off and enjoy a holiday surrounded by nature, sports, wellness centre and organic, plant-based, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Among the experiences we offer our guests is an unforgettable night hike with crampons and headlamps.... to discover Cavalese in a completely different light.

Even on long winter afternoons, we can enjoy the hours of darkness and hike through unforgettable views in the glow of our headlamps.

The hike we propose is a pleasant two-hour walk around Cavalese.

We set off with Manuela from the hotel, if necessary with snowshoes or crampons for the ice, but at the moment it is possible to walk comfortably with snow boots.

From the Azalea we follow the Gambi stream on the hiking trail. The first destination is La Lucianella, which is reached via the Via Paradiso: an elevated road from which you can admire all the beauty of Cavalese at night, all the way to the Degiampietro writers' promenade. On this road we pass three 1930s villas, original even in their characteristic colour, the Pompeian red fashionable at the time.

We reach Lucianella, a little-visited place in Cavalese that is just waiting to be discovered. It is a scenic spot from which you can see the lights of some of the urban centres of the Val di Fiemme. La Lucianella is anchored in Manuela's memories: until the 1980s it was a very extravagant bar frequented by young people, before that it was a dance hall where her parents went out in the evenings.

It is a forgotten place that should be upgraded and brought back to life in all its charm. Who knows, maybe making it known to our guests is the first step towards its rebirth.

We climb the Lucianella tower and drink together the spiced tea Daniele prepared for us before we left. We light a candle and discuss our thoughts that have come to us on the way.

A group has formed: a circle of lights that moves in the darkness and soon reaches the dark meadows above Cavalese, lit only by the headlights. After a walk across the meadows, which are in winter dormancy, we return to Cavalese.

The lights of the town are approaching and we head back towards the village, passing through the second historical centre of Cavalese, a little known and fascinating part. We walk through the architecture typical of the Val di Fiemme, in the splendid municipality of Val di Fiemme.

We return to the hotel having experienced a unique hike that will remain in our memories.

An experience worth reliving winter evenings in a different light (in the truest sense of the word).


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