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On your yoga and holistic holiday in Trentino at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea you have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of holistic massages surrounded by the greenery of Val di Fiemme.

How beneficial is massage? For millennia, in both East and West, massage has been considered a "therapeutic" practice, capable not only of soothing pain, but also of easing tension and recovering physical and mental energy. Science, too, has since confirmed its potential both at the level of the body and the psyche.

How many benefits does massage have?

The main one is definitely relaxation: a condition that often seems taken for granted, but is by no means so in our hectic everyday lives. On its own, it allows the body to rebuild a balance between the nervous and hormonal systems, which is essential for leading a healthy life.

A world then opens up regarding the massage techniques used, which can generate different responses in the treated body. Mechanical responses, for example, due to the manipulation of muscles, but also reflexes, when the nerve endings in the skin are stimulated, resulting in a response at the level of the nervous system.

There are also numerous other benefits of massage: improving blood circulation and pressure, reactivating muscles by loosening contractures and tension, stimulating nerve endings in the skin by reflexively acting on internal organs. There are also important benefits on the metabolism and lymphatic circulation, which if obstructed can for example cause water retention or toxin production; in this regard, massage can indirectly contribute to strengthening the immune system.

Last, but by no means least, are the benefits that manipulation can bring to the psyche and mood. It is scientifically proven that a good manual technique can reduce the presence of stress hormones (cortisol, inflammatory cytokines, and so on) in the body being treated, stimulating, on the other hand, the production of substances such as oxytocin and endorphin that guarantee relaxation, a good mood, and in general the subject's well-being.

Sheron (Ritmonatura and his Azalea massages)


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