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Eco Park Hotel Azalea is the perfect place for your yoga holiday in the mountains. It offers not only 100% organic, plant-based, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but also a healthy lifestyle underlined by numerous and varied yoga and meditation courses in the unforgettable landscape of Val di Fiemme in Trentino - South Tyrol.

We work together with many personalities. Each of them contributes to a varied programme for the guests, who thus have the opportunity to relax in peace during their holiday in Val di Fiemme.

We are proud of our staff: Chetan, Francesca, Patrizia and Monica. All young people with an exceptional background, dedicated to holistic disciplines and yoga with body and mind.

The yoga offered to guests is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced practitioners. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the yoga classes amidst the mountains of Val di Fiemme. The hotel's garden offers the perfect place for a healthy practice. At the height of Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, the body is oxygenated and the contemplation of the surrounding nature invites a sincere connection with oneself.

The fresh air, the rustle of the wind in the leaves, the sunlight warming the skin are the perfect mix for an immersion in well-being.

Today we introduce Monica Boschetto, a physiotherapist who works with us and offers a very enjoyable yoga series with many benefits for the body, especially for posture.

Monica is a physiotherapist with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiotherapy. She has an extensive knowledge of the human body and movement, which has led her to specialise in neurological and sports rehabilitation.

She also has experience in paediatric rehabilitation and holds a Master's degree in paediatric rehabilitation and research methodology.

Monica values listening to patients and guiding them rather than judging them or following a protocol.

She has also delved into the field of psychosomatics and has taken courses in visceral manipulation, fascia manipulation, traditional Chinese medicine and cranio sacral therapy. In 2021, he completed training as a yoga teacher and opened his own practice as a freelance physiotherapist.


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