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At Eco Park Hotel Azalea we make sustainability a daily commitment by working with sustainable organisations and companies in the Val di Fiemme and Trentino region.

Magnifica Essenza is a friendly company and today we are introducing you to their fantastic essential oils made from the precious trees of Val di Fiemme.

olii essenziali delle conifere della val di fiemme di magnifica essenza

These oils are not only tasty when combined with food, but also have many properties and benefits when smelled, applied to the body or diffused in the environment.



olio essenziale abete bianco della val di fiemme di magnifica essenza

The evergreen tree, which is found in the forests and regions of the Alps, reaches a height of about 50 metres.

The benefits of the essential oil

  • Balances the central nervous system

  • Strengthening and stimulating, as it increases positive energy; helps to feel stronger and more protected in difficult situations

  • Balsamic: When sprayed in the room or massaged on the chest, it is an excellent decongestant for the respiratory system. It has a cough-relieving effect and is also excellent for colds, sinusitis and common colds.

  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: When massaged in, it increases vasodilation and local blood circulation, relieving the pain of osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica, cervical spine and rheumatism; it reduces oedema and swelling and has a relaxing and antispasmodic effect on aching and stiff muscles or in case of cramps.



olio essenziale abete rosso della val di fiemme di magnifica essenza

The resonance spruce is used to build violas, violins and other musical instruments because it has excellent acoustic properties due to growth defects in the trunk rings.

The spruce lives in very extensive pure forests from which all other forms of plant life - except fungi - are banished. In the forest, the hierarchy and mutual roles of the plants are clearly defined, starting with the mother plant, which guards the memory of the forest, and ending with the small shoots, which feed exclusively on the older trees.

This is why the essential oil of the spruce helps us to rediscover ourselves and our sense of belonging, especially in times when we feel lost, lonely and isolated.

Its roots are far-reaching but superficial: it encourages us to be practical, to come down from the clouds, to look around with strength and pragmatism. Of course, this effect is heightened in times of transition, when we are often a little up in the air or simply feel lost. A meditation can be done (ideally in the lotus position - Padmasana) by anointing the right palm with a drop and massaging the left sole of the foot - and vice versa.

It also works physiologically on the surface and is therefore excellent for fungal diseases, dermatitis, etc. Like all expertly distilled conifer essences, it is safe for the skin and there is no need to use a carrier oil. It also has a strong balsamic effect.



olio essenziale cirmolo della val di fiemme di magnifica essenza

The RED pine is an evergreen alpine tree that is widespread in Trentino-South Tyrol. It is cold-resistant, grows slowly and lives for a long time. Its wood is highly valued by the mountain dwellers and has always been used for many purposes. Because it is soft, it is ideal for making furniture and sculptures. It is no coincidence that it is an integral part of Dolomite craftsmanship.

The essential oil of Swiss stone pine has numerous positive properties. It is relaxing, calming, balsamic for the respiratory tract, useful for reactivating the blood circulation, fresh and pleasant. A real panacea, it was already appreciated in ancient times, especially by the inhabitants of the Alps who already knew its benefits.

The most important properties:

  • It is relaxing and therefore also suitable for bathing and sleeping.

  • It is good for the skin

  • It is balmy for the respiratory tract

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Diluted in sesame oil it can help with muscle aches and strains

  • Has revitalising properties

  • It is cleansing and antibacterial

  • Neutralises unpleasant odours

  • It is effective against moths and ants



A few drops of essential oil in the bath water help to relax body and mind and have a balmy effect.

Diluted in sesame oil, they are suitable for massages against muscle pain.

For flu and respiratory illnesses, they can be used to make suffumis by adding a few drops directly to hot water.

For a calming and relaxing effect and to purify the air, it helps to put a few drops in the diffuser to breathe deeply!

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