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Val di Fiemme land of traditions: ST. MARTIN'S DAY IN PREDAZZO

Val di Fiemme is the ideal place for a ski holiday in Trentino, thanks to the ski facilities and the various alternatives to try out in the snow, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledging. There are numerous offers for the whole family to enjoy the magical ski holiday in Trentino. But not only sports! Val di Fiemme is a place with centuries-old traditions that express the great attachment of its inhabitants to the territory and its wonderful nature.

In Predazzo in the Val di Fiemme, a great festival is celebrated on 11 November: St. Martin's Day! Large fires are lit and the inhabitants of the different parts of the village parade through the streets with their typical cowbells to then gather in Piazza SS. Filippo e Giacomo and spend happy hours with typical music, hot tea and mulled wine.

The festival, celebrated with great emotion, dates back more than 200 years and corresponded to the celebrations of the end of agricultural work and the distribution of quotas by the feudal lordship: an ancient collective property body that divided, and still divides, the proceeds from the forest areas of the feudal territory with its so-called neighbours.

Five fires are lit, corresponding to the old districts of Predazzo: Iscia, Somaila, la Bira, Molin and Pè de Pardac.

Branches and trees are used for the asse, trying to build the biggest assa of all the districts. The moment the lights are lit, there is a great roar in the meadows of Predazzo: the boys from the districts ring their big cowbells and the party begins!

A loud and entertaining procession moves through the streets of the town to Piazza SS. Filippo e Giacomo, where people gather to drink tea or mulled wine together and eat typical products prepared for the occasion.

It is a unique festival that is still passed on according to the tradition of its origins. Discover San Martino and many other traditions in Val di Fiemme!


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