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POLDINA: the funny and sustainable lamp at Eco Park Hotel Azalea in Val di Fiemme

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is the only eco-hotel in Val di Fiemme (Trentino). Our idea of sustainability refers to the use of completely renewable energies, a 100% organic, vegetable, vegetarian and vegan cuisine and many other small measures that make a real difference in the environmental impact. Among the objects we use to promote energy saving and create a cosy and soft atmosphere is the fantastic Poldine! Today we tell you how and why we use it.

Light is poetry and emotion.

Why not take it with us into every environment and situation?

A portable and rechargeable lamp is not just a contemporary trend: it is an object that allows you to act and live with greater freedom, intensity and completeness.

It is the words of Federico de Majo, the inventor of 'Zafferano Lampes-à-Porter', that best explain the usefulness of a rechargeable lamp that we use.

When we wanted to buy the Poldine six years ago, we went straight to the Zafferano factory near Treviso and, together with the owner, found the model and colour we liked best.

Our room is very bright in the morning thanks to the windows facing the garden. In the evening, we turn on the ceiling lights, which give a warm, diffused light, and put a Poldina on each table, which creates a soft and intimate atmosphere.

The table is well lit thanks to the Poldina, so the guest can look at the details of the table setting and the dishes in peace.

As it is a really versatile design object, we also use it in other applications. For example, we are currently using it to light up the beautiful Ugandan bags that you can buy to support Ugandan children and women. Read HERE to find out more.

The Poldina is easily rechargeable via a USB cable. The Poldinas use only renewable energy and are therefore sustainably powered. Read the 2021 report by dolomiti energia HERE.

Don't you think they create a fantastic atmosphere?


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