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A STORM OF LOVE FOR AFRICA: Solidarity and Ethics in the Mission of Eco Park Hotel Azalea

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea, we never miss an opportunity to help those in need by making small changes that truly mean everything to someone.

The change towards a world full of love, free from violence and injustice, is a sum of small things. The project we are telling you about today is one of those little things.

Manuela is a gifted hotelier, an example of passion for the environment and people, the result of her love for her region and the world.

Travelling has always shaped Manuela's rather hectic life, and the countless wisdoms she has gained from these experiences have been absorbed into her avant-garde idea of ethical and sustainable accommodation.

One of Manuela's most recent trips (June 2022) took her to Uganda to visit her son, who is also an incomparable traveller. On his trip to Africa, he discovered a unique tailoring workshop in Kamapala: a place of opportunity where unfortunate young people learn the craft of tailoring.

The tailoring workshop is the result of the solidarity efforts of Skills of Charity Africa ( a non-profit organisation founded in Uganda in 2017 that aims to help orphans, young people living on the streets and widowed women by teaching them handicrafts such as sewing.

Manuela had the opportunity to meet the father of this extraordinary project, Sserugo Eria, with whom a friendship and collaboration developed. From this collaboration, the SOKA Tailorings project took shape.

Eco Park Hotel Azalea has not only commissioned bags and aprons for all its staff, but we have also decided to give our guests and anyone else who wishes to do so the opportunity to contribute to this noble mission: by buying one of the items made directly by the artisans in Uganda, you will give a child the opportunity to attend school for a term. All too often we underestimate the preciousness of our rights, forgetting that in countries like Uganda, the right to education is a privilege of the few.

A €25 item gives a child in Kampala, Uganda, a great opportunity and you can enjoy or give away a colourful bag about one of the little things that change the world.

For information, donations and item requests:

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