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ECO PARK HOTEL AZALEA: your eco-hotel in Val di Fiemme for a better world

Eco Park Hotela Azalea is an eco-hotel in Val di Fiemme (Val di Fiemme) that is constantly committed to the mission of sustainability.

The hotel is qualitatively recognised among the vegetarian hotels in Trentino-Alto Adige and is the only eco-friendly hotel for holidays in Val di Fiemme.

The food offered to customers is exclusively of controlled origin and predominantly 0 km, with the exception of tropical products, which are organic in any case and openly condemn the exploitation of labour and the environment.

The cleaning agents are all of biological origin, so no chemicals end up in the waste water and waste.

Strict waste separation is carried out, with preference given to recycling containers used for the creative activities of our youngest guests. The use of plastics is limited to packaging for which they are usually required; all other packaging is biodegradable. In general, efforts are made to avoid any unnecessary waste, which can easily be replaced by using reusable packaging.

Even the energy we use is 100% clean and certified and comes exclusively from renewable sources, eliminating the consumption of natural resources.

Ecological sustainability is omnipresent in the days of Eco Park Hotel Azalea and the long-term results are truly inspiring and motivate us to maintain this ideal for a better future for all.

The path of environmental sustainability is not always easy to follow, but our passion and the results we achieve drive us even more every day. We make very conscious decisions that are driven by an unconditional love for nature in its entirety.

These choices, which shape our idea of work and hospitality, have led us to concrete results over the years, to name just the most recent: In 2021, Eco Park Hotel Azalea avoided the emission of 16,6110 tons of CO2 thanks to the supply of 100% clean energy by Dolomiti Energia.

Please find attached the monthly report on avoided CO2 emissions.

The eco-sustainable mission is also, and above all, an educational mission: all guests, from the oldest to the youngest, are not only made aware of the proper use of water and light, but are also invited to experience a lifestyle centred on caring for themselves and the environment. A stay at Eco Park Hotel Azalea is not only an alternative accommodation option, but also a real experience in environmental sustainability from which one can learn a lot.


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