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Experience the beauty of nature in Trentino at a hotel with wellness centre in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme.

Discover what makes our wellness centre in Val di Fiemme an eco-friendly wellness centre by clicking HERE.

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea, star level does not only refer to moments of healthy relaxation in the wellness centre.

Have you ever heard of CIRCULAR WELLNESS? CIRCULAR WELLNESS is a formula we have developed to make your holiday in Val di Fiemme relaxing and restorative. We take care of you from the aspects that make up your health in its entirety: Mind, Body and Soul.

CIRCULAR WELLNESS because it is a circle that begins with your arrival and ends with your departure, so that you can return home fully regenerated and with a new awareness of well-being that can accompany you in your daily life.

We believe that it is important to take care of yourself in a healthy and conscious way. At Eco Park Hotel Azalea we teach you how to do this.

We offer outdoor experiences, yoga, individual massages, holistic activities and naturally healthy cuisine that stands out for being 100% organic, plant-based, vegetarian and vegan.

The CIRCULAR WELLNESS experience is all-encompassing: it concerns every detail of the hotel and the inclusion of the guest in this flow of wellness.

You will find a harmonious atmosphere and a smiling, helpful staff.

Patrizia is our holistic caregiver who will give you moments of pure well-being with her customisable massages, discover her here: HANDS SAY

The catalogue offers a range of options for every need, but it will be Patrizia who listens to your body with her own sensitivity and treats you according to your needs. Let go and open yourself to a holistic wellness experience that will ease your aches, pains and resistances and bring you to a state of inner and outer peace.

Start your wellness journey at the Wellness Centre and enjoy it throughout your stay in the way that best suits your #starbene desires.

With special prices and promotions, you can enter the Azalea Clouds when and how you want!

Clouds of Azalea is the meaningful name of our wellness centre because.

Escape from routine is a revolutionary act, taking refuge in the clouds as a companion is magic

- Mas Vinal

Our wellness centre offers

1. Turkish bath

2. invigorating shower

3. sauna

4. cold water fountain

5. Kneipp foot bath

6. relaxation room

(suggested order of the itinerary)

Nuvole di Azalea offers three different formulas every day to suit every need:


16:00-17:15 / 17:30-18:45

Guaranteed space, distance and availability of services in a common formula. Maximum 8 people.

15 € per person for the first entrance with aromatised water and wellness set (bathrobe, sauna towel and slippers), herbal tea at the bar or in the lounge.

10 € per person from the second entry with basic equipment (sauna towel and slippers), aromatised water and herbal tea at the bar or in the lounge.



Allows you to enjoy the exclusivity of the services in a private way.

25€ for the first entrance with wellness set (towel, bathrobe and slippers), herbal tea, juice, aromatised water and fruit.

20€ from the second entrance with basic kit (towel and slippers), herbal tea, juice, flavoured water and fruit



In the clouds with your better half. Combines herbal cuisine and wellness experience in a relaxed, subdued atmosphere. A series of tastings accompanied by bubbles following our chef's introduction.

For a unique, intimate and original wellness dinner.

35€ for HB guests, 50€ for BB guests.

Exclusive use of the wellness area, aroma path with essential oils, full salt scrub, prosecco with tasting, 8pm hot meal followed by dessert, wellness set (bathrobe, towel and slippers).


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