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At the Park Hotel Azalea, eco-sustainability is truly at home. Its firmly #green policy benefits the entire environment, and in this particular case the local fauna is involved.

The constant focus on recycling has meant that old planks destined for disposal have instead given rise to a small facility for the local birds.

Last winter was very cold and the small birds living in the nearby woods struggled to find shelter from the snow and frost. The need for warm bedding led them to seek shelter in cramped cavities and in the darkness of attics, thus finding themselves having to endure the winter in decidedly inhospitable places.

The Park Hotel Azalea, which has always worked with dedication and love for the environment, could not stand idly by and moved immediately to offer the little animals a new chance.

Thanks to Manuela's idea and the collaboration of Olaf the architect and Carlo the craftsman, a unique, sparrow-sized accommodation facility has taken shape: a mini-condominium in bright orange plaster, equipped with eight flats and a spacious panoramic terrace.

The Azalea's heartfelt decision to offer them new accommodation was rewarded by the constant song of sparrows and titmice.

Standing in the middle of the large garden, guests now have the opportunity to experience the authenticity of a relaxing moment punctuated by the chirping of the cottage's inhabitants.

This sweet music proves to be a sincere invitation to contemplate nature and reminds us of the importance of cherishing within us the feeling of love for all living things.


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