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At the Eco Park Hotel Azalea you can experience yoga holidays in Val di Fiemme that involve

through many different practices that give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in holistic well-being.

Energetic morning yoga, Yoga Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Meridian Stretching. And not only that! When our friend Gianluca visits us, we also offer an exclusive yoga session accompanied by the magical sounds of the Handpan. The benefits of this sound-integrated practice are truly inspiring!

Yoga amidst the nature of Val di Fiemme is in itself extremely healthy for the psyche, body and mind... even more so when accompanied by the therapeutic melody of the handpan played live by Gianluca!

In our time, alternative forms of therapy and healing are gaining more and more importance, and one of them is what is called "sound healing" in English. Almost everyone can recognise the emotional effect of music when they hear it.


Sound healing works with the science of vibration, frequency and resonance of sound.

Everything in the universe is energy and all this energy, whether it has a manifested form or not, vibrates at a certain frequency (the speed of vibration).

Every sound also has a certain vibration and frequency that our body (which also vibrates at a certain frequency) can perceive.

We not only hear music with our ears, but we also perceive the vibrations and frequencies of the music. Just think of a song with bass that shakes the whole body, but more subtle sounds are also perceived by the body without us consciously noticing them.

Sound also has resonance: the length of time a sound remains after the cause has been removed. In music, resonance is the time a sound can still be heard after it has been struck on a drum, for example.


The Handpan is one of the most powerful instruments when it comes to Sound Healing, as it has a great resonance and thanks to its round and convex shape, the tones spread in all directions, filling the whole room with vibrations and resonances. The Handpan is one of the few instruments where each note is tuned in a frequency ratio of 1:2:3, which means that each note contains three frequencies when played (most other instruments have only two frequencies for each note).

The frequency ratio is important for sound healing: the simpler the sound, the more pleasant and assimilable it is for humans.

Researchers have found that the human brain likes to simplify frequency ratios when it hears them. Since the frequency ratios of the Handpan are already simplified to the maximum, they have a very harmonising and calming effect on our brain. The frequency of the gentle sounds of the Handpan signals our brain to relax and let go of stress and tension.

The vibrations of the Handpan are so healing and relaxing for our body and mind, not only because we perceive the sounds as so harmonious due to their frequency ratio, but also because of what is called "entrainment" in musicology. Entrainment occurs when an object that vibrates at a certain frequency (the handpan) is placed next to another object that vibrates at a different frequency (the human body). Eventually, the object that vibrates at a lower frequency (our body) will begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the stronger object (the handpan). In this way, the hand puppet has the ability to release us energetically and physically from the stress and tension that has accumulated in the body.

Visit our profile on instagram (@ecoparkhotelazalea) and watch the recording of the last YOGA + HANDPAN session. The yoga practice led by Chetan Chauhan (know him here) and the handpan, played by Gianluca Pistoia (@pistoiagianluca).


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