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The circular wellness experience (as we call it) starts when you arrive and ends when you leave, so you can return home completely rejuvenated.

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is not just a hotel with a wellness centre in Val di Fiemme (Trentino). Wellness, as we understand it, is not limited to the use of our eco-SPA, but refers to a stay that encompasses wellness in all its aspects: from the cuisine (organic, plant-based, vegetarian and vegan) to the various activities offered, such as yoga, self-massage and accompanied walks, to the wellness centre and our personalised holistic massages. Our massages are really worth a try! Their effect will amaze you.

Patrizia is our masseuse who will give you moments of pure well-being with her tailor-made massages, discover her here: LE MANI RACCONTANO

The catalogue offers a range of options for every need, but it will be Patrizia who listens to your body with her own sensitivity and treats you as needed. Let go and open yourself to a holistic wellness experience that will ease your aches, pains and resistances and bring you to a state of inner and outer peace.

Some of the wellness experiences are:

Le Carezze del Buddha

A firming, balancing and detoxifying massage capable of releasing stress-related tension and pain and restoring vitality. The manual techniques stimulate the deepest layers, promote tissue oxygenation, improve peripheral blood microcirculation, eliminate venous stagnation and physiological lymph flow. The organism regains its balance, the production of endorphins and endogenous substances that can generate well-being, such as natural painkillers, neuroendocrine messengers for good mood, etc., is stimulated again.

La Via del Monaco

Cupping, introduced in China around the 2nd century AD, is a technique for treating painful symptoms caused by cold, dampness or after traumatic events.

It is an effective drainage technique with glass bowls that has an important and immediate effect, deeply relaxing the muscles and also acting on anxiety and general postural balance. The body regains its energetic balance and harmony and can thus fight cellulite very effectively.

Spirale Colorata

The crystal massage, which has a draining, invigorating and energising effect, seems to be something completely new and avant-garde. In fact, its origins go back to ancient Greece (Plato and Pliny the Elder already spoke of it).

The technique of stone massage is also found in Buddhist and Taoist healing practices, Egyptian medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine.

The most commonly used stones are rose quartz, malachite and rock crystal, but there are many others such as amethyst, amber, turquoise, jasper and so on.

The crystals are chosen according to the type of effect one wants to achieve with the massage.

Crystal therapy works on different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Specific crystals for specific ailments including insomnia, liver disorders, anxiety and headaches. Energetic regulation of the stones is also recommended during pregnancy and excessive stress.

The removal of energy blockages through crystals is often supported by practices such as aromatherapy and anti-stress massage.

These are just a few examples from our wide range of customisable holistic massages. The touch of Patrizia's hands is truly magical....

Massage can be considered a highly developed art of non-verbal communication, mediated through touch, which requires sensitivity and gentleness, and through direct contact allows the body to release numerous neurotransmitters, including endorphins, which are endogenous substances with pain-relieving and euphoric properties, and oxytocin, which is considered a love or good mood hormone and is involved in many aspects of emotional and relationship life.

When we are emotionally or physically stressed, concentration becomes much more difficult; stress reduction can improve concentration in everyday life.

The state of relaxation achieved after a massage provides a space to explore our emotional world and capture what we need at that moment. It is therefore an opportunity to release emotional tensions that we have been carrying around for so long.

The alchemy of wellbeing we offer involves sensitivity, empathy and skilful techniques. So treat yourself to an all-round regenerative experience.

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