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CROSS COUNTRY SKI IN VAL DI FIEMME: 5 benefits of a healthy and sustainable sport

In Val di Fiemme you can practise many sports in winter! Cross-country skiing is one of them and one of the healthiest and most sustainable winter sports.

Today we would like to talk to you about the fantastic benefits of this activity.

When cross-country skiing through snowy, mountainous terrain like in Val di Fiemme, you rely on the strength of your body and the ability to use gravity to your advantage. What's more, you will enjoy the many interesting benefits of this particular activity, some of which will still apply when you return to solid ground without skis. Read on to find out five of the main benefits of cross-country skiing, as mentioned by snow sports experts from Val di Fiemme, a place that will host the Nordic World Ski Championships, the Tour de Ski, the Marcialonga and, in 2026, some competitions of the Milan - Cortina Olympic Games.


1. It is an excellent whole-body workout

Cross-country skiing involves pushing and pulling different parts of the lower and upper body at the same time. This stimulates different muscle groups to improve strength and flexibility. Some of the muscles that are not directly involved in the skiing movements also play a role in maintaining optimal balance and coordination. The result is a total body workout that can minimise the risk of developing joint and muscle pain and other potential health risks.

2. it is an excellent calorie burner

Cross-country skiing burns a lot of calories as it is a strenuous sport. It has been found that this activity can burn more than 1,100 calories per hour, which is far more than many other outdoor activities.

3. Good for the heart

According to experts, heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, but it is often preventable. One way to prevent heart disease is to engage in activities that promote blood circulation to help the heart function better. Fortunately, cross-country skiing is one activity that achieves this goal. Because you can do this activity safely for many hours, your heart rate remains elevated, which improves the ability of this vital organ to pump blood and strengthens the heart muscle itself.

4. It is a mood booster

Cross-country skiing is also an activity that can improve mental health. Olympic cross-country skier Rosie Brennan certainly believes so. Brennan said her favourite winter sport is "a release from the hustle and bustle of everyday life". The constant movement and concentration also promotes mental clarity and creates a sense of relaxation and calm, like meditation.

5. Helps you connect with nature

We know from research that people who spend more time in nature are generally happier.

Spending time in nature can bring about a variety of positive feelings: It helps to feel calm, happy and creative.

And to enjoy nature in winter, there is nothing better than cross-country skiing. It's a great way to enjoy nature on a gloomy winter day. The positive energy you feel after skiing will make you want to do it again and again.

Ultimately, cross-country skiing offers many benefits if you are willing to take advantage of them. So plan a day of cross-country skiing with your friends and family. Enjoy the magnificent view and train in the fresh air amidst the incomparable landscape of the Fleimstal.


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