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CREATIVE HOLIDAY at Eco Park Hotel Azalea: art, yoga and organic cuisine in Trentino

Not only yoga and meditation in the mountains and hikes in the Dolomites, but also well-being and relaxation are enhanced by art. At Eco Park Hotel Azalea, yoga and meditation, vegetarian and vegan cuisine and the concept of slow living are part of a creative flow that is also expressed in its various forms in art and communicates with the beauty of the Trentino landscape.

The exterior and interior spaces of the building are designed to immerse guests in the colours and harmony of shapes, to promote relaxation and awaken the creative potential that lies dormant in each of us.

Well-being becomes even deeper when you have the opportunity to surround yourself with works of art, especially when they are contemplative and full of emotion, like those by Giuliana Consilvio: at Eco Park Hotel Azalea you currently have the chance to see (and touch) the sculptural panels of the L'ambiente siamo noi series, made from cellulose using a highly original technique developed by the artist herself.

Giuliana Consilvio was born in Milan and trained at the Brera Academy and the Institute of Graphic Arts in Urbino. Her culture is linked to Lombardy, especially Milan, the city where the fantasies and contradictions that Giuliana Consilvio expresses in her art find expression.

The works in the series L'ambiente siamo noi are "fleshy", emotionally charged works that take the viewer back to that original genetics, to that feeling of belonging to the whole, to creation.

The artist invites the viewer to dive into the work, to touch it in order to establish an inner contact and a new relationship with the environment, with nature and with creation.

The sense of belonging can then be expressed in the splendid nature of Trentino during your relaxing, holistic holiday, where you can dedicate yourself to contemplation, relaxation and healthy eating amidst art.


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