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At Eco Park Hotel Azalea you can learn a lot during your yoga holiday in Trentino, for example how to breathe. We know that breathing is fundamental, but breathing well is something else.

This is the aim of breathwork, a practice that offers immediate and numerous benefits.

"The bacillus, however, is not a divine punishment, it can instead be a good opportunity to make us reflect by developing inner strengths, determination, a sense of perspective. This is a chapter of our existence, it is a period we are living in and it will be limited, this situation is not our whole life." Michl Costa

We are suspended again. We experience moments of anxiety, euphoria, despondency and great planning: it is breath that characterises these swinging moments. This is the meaning of Michl Costa's previous words. Taking a cue from his thought, Paola wanted to explore the topic of conscious breathing and the work that each of us can then do on it, more technically called 'breathwork'.

It is possible to go 30 days without food, for 3 days without water, but it only takes 3 minutes without breathing to die. Moreover, not everyone knows that it is not enough just to inhale and exhale to perform a breath that can be called 'correct'. In fact, breathing fully and deeply is essential for good health. The benefits of so-called breathwork are many and widely recognised: willpower and conscious breathing can be used, depending on the moment, to balance our energy, ease tension and anxiety, improve mental concentration and vitality, face challenges, unleash creativity and much more.

For all these reasons, we are convinced that breathwork is a fundamental discipline and that it can act as a 'first aid' in daily life. Firmly believing this, we are available to share our knowledge with guests, first offering useful breathing exercises, and then concluding each session with the lightness of a meditation we call 'alata'.

Confident that this and many other experiences will benefit your health, we invite you to visit us at the Park Hotel Azalea!


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