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wellness and caresses

The holiday in the mountains you are looking for in the name of wellness : in Val di Fiemme, in the Dolomites, regenerates the body and mind thanks to the contact with nature.

Holistic activities and practices such as meditation or yoga and services such as the Finnish sauna will help to enhance well-being. 

At the Eco Park Hotel Azalea we have refined the research and the quality of all the holistic practices that allow you to regain physical and mental balance. From our point of view, a holiday in the Dolomites must be a source of well-being for the body, but also for the deepest essence of the person.

Yoga and meditation combined with contact with nature , opposite sensations of heat and cold in the Finnish or bio sauna , breathing clean air, generate deep reactions in the body.

Body care through manual practices and ancient disciplines, accompanied by music that cradles the soul, guarantees holistic well -being. Yoga and other activities are practiced here every day with the help of professionals.

It is essential, at least once a year, to allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing on vacation, to spend time at a slower pace, helped by light and nature , by reconnecting with the surrounding environment , to promote sleep and relaxation. relax . For all this, our garden , with its ancient trees and flowers, or filled with snow in winter, is the ideal place.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and mountains are synonymous with well-being here. Through activities such as the practice of postures (Asanas) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) one finds calm and relieves tensions.

Yoga is a sweet way to achieve health and harmony : it frees your mind from all the negative feelings that accumulate daily due to the hectic modern life. It confers lucidity, optimism and consequently the fundamental well-being for psychophysical balance .


Together with the beneficial effect of nature , it also promotes introspection and awareness of the needs of one's self, a fundamental step to rediscover oneself, always with calm, strength and joy. For this reason, the Eco Park Hotel Azalea is the ideal destination for a yoga holiday in the mountains.


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"le mani raccontano"

Hands transmit traditions of well-being.
In our wellness hotel in Cavalese, in Val di Fiemme (Trentino), we offer many types of massage: Thai experience, Ayurvedic massage, shiatsu treatment and many others.

Expert oriental techniques combined with local and natural products, with Thai, Bali and Hawaiian sounds, all for the regeneration of the body.

Exotic names for ancient treatments.


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Relax for the body, light for the soul

Relax must be total and represents the way of living and taking a holiday in the mountains. You can recharge your batteries in our wellness area, in the colorful garden and in our blue living room.

A hotel entirely dedicated to well-being, with a well-equipped wellness center: biosauna, turkish bath, Finnish sauna, Kneipp paths, a fabulous garden and more.

What more could you ask for?


an explosion of colors

The garden is our outdoor living room , designed to put you in direct contact with colors and scents. You can find plants, bushes, fruit trees, aromatic herbs and flowers beautiful in every season, tomatoes, currants and raspberries ready to be picked.

Perfect for walking, sitting, lying down, reading, chatting or playing.

We consider the garden a real "open space" in which everyone can carve out his oasis of tranquility, relax or a place where you can let your children play. There is room for everyone. 

Our living room is illuminated with large windows overlooking our garden : it is a space that emanates inspiration and light.


With a slice of cake, a cup of tea and a book it is certainly the perfect place for a relaxing snack .


There is also a library : to us feeling good also means having time to read in peace. With a colorful blanket, relax is guaranteed.

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