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New Arrival Marcialonga 2023: There will be a New Arrival at Marcialonga 2023! Read to the end to find out.

The big moment of the Marcialonga 2023 is approaching and this year there will be something new: a New Arrival. Every year it is a great feeling for Val di Fiemme to organise and experience a race of this magnitude. Cavalese is the finishing point of this fantastic race, where all the emotions and fatigue are released in a moment of pure joy! Every year we host the athletes of the race and experience with them the solemnity of the preparation, the excitement and the great satisfaction.

Find out where the new finish of the Marcialonga 2023 will be!


New arrival Marcialonga 2023

This year, the last stretch and the finish in Cavalese will be a little different than in previous years.

What is the gradient of the last section of the Marcialonga?

The last section is the most critical point of the race: 2,260 metres in length, 146 metres of difference in altitude and an average gradient of 6.5 %. Tales and stories of battles, escapes, defeats.... Hairpin turns for the champions, who fight with all their might and accelerate more and more to the applause of the audience. Starting this year, there is a new feature! The climb has been shortened to 1678 metres, with 148 metres of difference in altitude and an average gradient of 8.80%.

At the hairpin bend where the Rio Gambis flows, skiers change direction and continue straight ahead to tackle the "Mur de la Stria", 583 metres with 58 metres of vertical drop and an average gradient of 9.90%, even reaching 20%! Then the skiers arrive in Viale Mendini, where the finish line used to be. Here there are 140 metres to go after they have descended to rest their muscles. Now it's straight on to finish the fascinating and mythical 70 km.



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