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AZALEA VIBE: Genesa Crystal and positive energies

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea in Val di Fiemme we offer an all-round wellness holiday in the mountains of Trentino. During your yoga and holistic holiday in Val di Fiemme you can experience the Azalea vibe: a wave of positive energy from colours, scents, sounds, objects and people. Everything and everyone contributes to the normal harmony of the hotel and creates a resonance with the vibration of peace and well-being, both internally and externally. To spread the azalea vibe, we also use the Genesa Crystal, which is much more than just a piece of furniture, it is a true antenna for positive energies and today we want to tell you about its benefits.

Our Genesa Crystal is a gift to Manuela from collaborators Daniele and Barbara. "This gift is a symbol of the feeling, trust, planning and affection we have between collaborators" (Manuela). Because collaborating and working together means combining energy, passion, creativity and responsibility.

The Genesa vortex helps to establish good relations between all the people who live at Azalea.

The Genesa in the Eco Park Hotel Azalea is a wonderful creation by Simonetta from Predazzo, who put together the Genesa's energy power especially for the hotel and hand-forged it for the recipient.

But what is the Genesa and how does it work?

The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture that can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation. Because its shape is perfectly attuned to nature, it creates an energetic vortex that amplifies the intentions of those in its presence. It thus becomes an antenna that attracts, purifies, balances and ultimately amplifies energy.

The Genesa is called a crystal because its geometric shape mirrors that of a natural crystal, and like a natural crystal, the Genesa creates a vortex of energy.

In the 1940s, agricultural geneticist Derald Langham discovered that the cell structure of all living organisms is identical at the developmental stage. Based on this structural discovery, Langham stated that "life can expand in any direction". He was the first to discover that this form, technically called a cubahedron, "contains the full potential for infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite form, infinite energy, infinite power, soul, eternal time, infinite speed and infinite faith. It contains all your goals, your desires, your motivations, even life itself."

On closer inspection, Genesis contains in its design all 5 Platonic bodies, the forms that are the building blocks of all organic life, including the tetrahedral star. Some believe that a Genesis crystal aligns the physical body with the spiritual body and accelerates the spiritual processes of life. Combined with meditation and prana breathing, it is said to "cause the body to increase its development and rapidly unfold the knowledge of man and the inner God".

Genesa is an opportunity to participate in the healing of our planet. Simply owning a Genesa helps to purify and balance the energies of Mother Earth. It is a great instrument through which universal forces can work to restore peace and harmony on the earth plane. As it carries the energies eternally, you can set your intention and step back to let the Genesa do its work.

Genesa have also been found to have an extraordinary effect on plants and are often able to bring a poorly maintained garden back to life. They are also known to bring a diseased tree back to health and prevent unwanted guests from invading the garden while you sleep! Interestingly, gardens protected by a genesa are less likely to freeze in the cold season as frost often occurs on the side away from the genesa and remains green on the side facing the crystal.

Genesa is useful for everyone! They are used by healers to enhance their healing intentions, by entrepreneurs to increase business flow, and by gardeners to encourage plant growth and development. A Genesa is useful for anyone who wants to attract more love, peace, harmony, money or good health into their lives.

Each creation is a handmade work of art by Simonetta, who tailors each genesa to the person who wants it. But we must remember that it is not we who find the Genesa, but the Genesa who finds us!

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