Spring in Val di Fiemme is an all-round experience: nature explodes and the meadows are enriched with appetising herbs. This makes it possible to prepare innovative, healthy and tasty dishes in a short time that nevertheless deliver excellent results.

I'll let you in on a secret: when I feel the need to regenerate, I take my basket (made exclusively of wicker) and go into the woods and clearings in search of ever new ingredients from which to make one of my "magic potions": an invigorating vegetable soup!

For example...

For two people, I gather the leaves of 10 stalks of Good Henry (or mountain spinach), the leaves of 4 stalks of Chenopodium album, the leaves of 10 stalks of Silene, the leaves of 5 stalks of Shepherd's Purse and 2 stalks of yarrow. To this I add 3 nettle flowers, 2 clumps of dandelion, 2 plantain leaves, 5 sorrel leaves, some clover and elderflowers.

To prepare it, I cut 2 cm of leek and heat it in a pot with 1 tablespoon of evo oil and 1 tablespoon of water. I carefully wash all the leaves and add them to the leek; I add 3 tablespoons of millet, salt and enough water. At this point, 20 minutes of cooking time should be enough. Then I mix everything together and season with plenty of fresh marjoram and thyme, perhaps also with a leaf of lemon balm.

Since this soup is a true symbol of cosiness, I serve it on the table in Grandma Germana's old dishes and finally decorate it with a few pink shamrocks and elderflowers: the result is a pampering for body and soul!

The only recommendation: only pick plants you know or, even easier, come to Park Hotel Azalea so we can pick the perfect herbs and cook them together, with a safe distance but with more fun!

Paola (our cook and "witch")