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The magic of Trentino in winter has many facets. At the Christmas markets in Trentino, there are not only reindeer and elves, but also monstrous figures ready to eat children who have misbehaved... Luckily there is Saint Nicholas to keep them at bay! At the Trentino Christmas markets, the fun is for the whole family!

In winter, everything in the Dolomites glows white, the lights are brightly lit and the streets are filled with music and scents. In the white mountains of Trentino, the Christmas air has a completely different flavour. Don't miss the HOT ADVENT IN THE MOUNTAINS among the Christmas markets in Trentino.

At the Christmas markets in Cavalese in the Val di Fiemme, fairy tale characters, both good and bad, cavort among the most curious food and craft stalls!

You have to watch out for the Krampussen, even if St. Nicholas won't let them hurt a fly.

At the Christmas markets in Trentino, you typically see Krampuses wandering around with their hairy coats, their horrible faces with long tongues and their stinking goat smell.

Legend has it that in ancient times, during times of famine, some children from small mountain villages covered themselves with dirty clothes, skins and horns of dead animals in order to remain undetected and thus steal from the inhabitants of neighbouring villages. One day, however, they were joined by a real demon, recognisable by his goat hooves. The frightened children ran to Bishop Nicholas, who managed to exorcise the terrible creature and make it his servant. Since then, St. Nicholas has been wandering around with the demonic creatures who terrorise the children, but whom the saint calms down by giving them sweets.

If you have been good children, you have nothing to fear! Many surprises await you at the Christmas markets in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, Trentino-Alto Adige!

Take a look now at our offer for the whole family HOT ADVENT IN THE MOUNTAINS among the Christmas markets in Trentino at the Christmas markets in Trentino and let yourself be carried away by the magic of winter in the mountains.


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