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Eco Park Hotel Azalea is the hotel for families in Val di Fiemme, offering many simple but fun activities that will be remembered by young and old. When the snow comes in Val di Fiemme, fun is guaranteed! And it doesn't matter if you are an adult or a child.... building a snowman out of freshly fallen snow is pure magic!

Close your eyes and imagine you are at Eco Park Hotel Azalea with your family, walking in the garden and playing under the slowly falling, silent snow. This is not a dream! This is reality!

The joy of snow is always indescribable and unforgettable for the whole family.

Snow is also magical because it falls unexpectedly, in some winters there is little snow, in others all the more. But in every winter there is magic in Val di Fiemme, and the snow falls easily like in a fairy tale.

Outside, the snow falls and we all feel a great joy rising inside us! It is impossible not to go out and play in every way imaginable!

Together we start building a snowman.

It's a celebration and many snowmen take shape in our big garden! Two... three... four... five and more. It's a snowman party.

Children, parents and hotel staff join forces to roll a huge snowball for the lower part of the body and a smaller one for the upper part.

Now they have to find two pieces of wood to build the arms.

Then it's off to the kitchen to get the carrot for the nose and to reception to ask for forgotten clothes for the snowman....

Everyone can design the snowman according to their own ideas and many different snowmen start to populate the hotel garden, what joy!

Now we can all play and have fun together, but with the first sunny day our friends will start to melt. A rather short life, but one that has made young and old happy in large numbers. As Olaf from Frozen says, "Sometimes it's worth melting for someone".... and if that someone is the many happy children at Eco Park Hotel Azalea, it really is worth it!


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