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QUINCE APPLE MARMELADE: the Trentino recipe from your vegan and vegetarian hotel in the mountains

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea we know that a vegan and vegetarian hotel in Trentino also means being in harmony with the mountains and their traditions. We always propose a cuisine that is linked to our land and our culture. We are happy to offer you products made directly from the fruits of our garden and vegetables, with ancient recipes passed down in our families.

Today we reveal to you how we make our fantastic quince jam.

A few years ago, our friends Brigitta and Jochen from Merano decided to give us a nice present and replanted the tree from their garden into ours. Since then, we have harvested many fruits every year, which we use in various recipes, all of which are delicious!

This year the tree has borne an especially large amount of fruit and we are ready to make large quantities of delicious jam.... discover our recipe for original Trentino quince jam.





1 kg cleaned quinces

1 lemon

1 apple

500 g sugar

200ml water


Wash the quinces the day before under running water until all the fluff is removed. It is not necessary to peel them, just cut them into small pieces by twisting them around the core. Then remove the seeds and put all the pieces together in a bowl.

Add the sugar and lemon juice to the bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave at room temperature until the next day. This will soften the apples and make them more suitable for mashing.

The next day, put the apples and the resulting syrup into a saucepan. Then add the peeled and diced apple.

Cook the jam for 30 minutes, stirring regularly.

Continue stirring until the apples are reduced to a puree. If the mixture is too thick, add water. If you want a smoother jam, you may be able to puree it with a hand blender or a mixer.

The jam is ready when it has turned a coral colour and thickens.

When the marmots are warmer, put them into sterilised jars and seal tightly.

Place the jars in a saucepan, cover and bring to the boil.

Simmer for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave the jars to cool.

Now enjoy your jam or store it in the pantry for several months.


We hope you enjoyed our recipe and invite you to try it out and send us photos and feedback to or on our social channels.

Stay tuned for more delicious recipes!


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