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MAGNIFICA ESSENZA: nature and sustainability from the forests of Val di Fiemme

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is committed to sustainability every day by working with sustainable organisations and companies in Val di Fiemme and Trentino. Today we introduce Magnifica Essenza, a young company that distils essential oils from waste materials and vapours. We use Magnifica Essenza in our holistic massages to bring you in harmony with the nature of Trentino in Val di Fiemme.

We are constantly looking for sustainability and use only renewable energies (learn more about our energy balance here), promote ethical, organic, vegan and vegetarian cuisine without waste and use only recyclable materials.

We are the only eco-hotel in Val di Fiemme and our mission is constantly evolving thanks to our relationships with local sustainable companies such as Magnifica Essenza.

The Magnifica Essenza project comes from the forests of Val di Fiemme in Trentino, in a vast natural heritage that is constantly protected and enhanced.

Magnifica Essenza has been distilling natural essential oils since 2019. The love for the environment has led to the development of an environmentally friendly distillation method: The oils are distilled by recovering heat from the exhaust gases of Bioenergia Fiemme Spa, the first biomass district heating plant in Trentino. This waste heat is converted into steam and used to extract essential oils from the green matrices of the conifers.

Moreover, the material from which the oil is extracted is the part of the conifers that is sorted out during wood processing.

Everything that is considered "waste" is instead used to produce a noble and valuable wellness product.

Try adding a few drops to your nebuliser and you will immediately be transported to a dimension of inner peace that only the Trentino forest can offer, an aromatic experience that draws attention to the people and nature around us.

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea we promote sustainable small businesses and are proud to fulfil our mission by supporting such valuable and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Visit the Magnifica Essenza Shop at


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