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MAGIC WAND: creative animation at the Azalea family hotel in Val di Fiemme (Trentino)

Eco Park Hotel Azalea is an environmentally friendly family hotel in Val di Fiemme. We offer our young guests creative workshops that stimulate their imagination and put them in touch with their feelings. Today we propose a simple activity that you can also do on the way back from the family hotel in Val di Fiemme: All you need are some sticks, colourful wool and other decorations that you like. Magic guaranteed for the little ones, but also for the grown-ups!

First the good little wizards have to grab a little twig from the witch.

Let's go into the forest together and look for a magic twig that we will find during our exploration.... it will call to us.

Not we will find the twig, but the twig will find us! For when we call the magic, it manifests.

Now that we have our little wood, preferably hazel or ash, we can think about how to make it even more magical.

We choose the coloured wool that best suits the magic we want to make, because each colour is charged with a certain energy:

Green, Forest

Blue, water

Blue, sky

Yellow, sun

Fuchsia, fire

Purple, flowers

White, snow

Brown, earth

As we decorate our wand and wrap the wool thread around the wand, we make a wish. When the thread is knotted at the end, the wish is stored in the fairy wand and the magic makes it come true.

We decorate our wand with a glittery thread, feather or beads and we are ready to do magic!

Abracadabra for all!


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