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Our mission for sustainability includes a strong commitment to disseminate and compare with the realities that share our values.

As an eco-hotel in Trentino committed to sustainable accommodation and gastronomy, we were invited to the Futura Expo 2022 in Brescia. We accepted with great pleasure and are committed to spreading our idea of innovative, sustainable cuisine.

FUTURA is a space that embodies the vision of a realistic and sustainable future in which people, nature and the economy can live together in harmony (further information:

The aim is to establish and expand a network of companies, organisations and enterprises that develop alternative solutions for an ecological acceleration of the economy through confrontation. The comparison of pioneering projects is a driving force for the emergence of ideas for sustainable development, which is now more crucial than ever.

The stakeholders involved are diverse and all inspiring, but our structure relates specifically to a sustainable idea of accommodation and catering.

We were asked to talk about our innovative concepts that make our cuisine sustainable.

Read the interview:

Moderator: What does the word sustainability mean in gastronomy? How have you tried to shape your hotel gastronomy?

Manuela: It means cooking without waste, with organic and seasonal products that spoil less.

If possible, grow some of your own produce, as we do in our biodynamic vegetable garden (read: THE SOCIAL GARDEN AT ECO PARK HOTEL AZALEA).

Working creatively to rework leftovers to limit waste.

Cooking with reference to ecological and healthy cooking, such as cooking raw, keeping fires at a maximum of 45 degrees. More than ever, at this historic moment, it is of utmost importance to avoid wasting energy.

We have regional suppliers who act ethically and sustainably.

Moderator: Vegan, vegetarian and raw food restaurant in Val di Fiemme: Where did you start developing this concept?

Manuela: The concept was born back in 2008. After the renovation of the hotel as part of the Green Building. We developed a completely organic breakfast and selected exclusively regional wines for our wine cellar.

In 2009, we introduced the first meat-free and fish-free menus (seafood), while continuing to offer a selection of organic trout from Predazzo.

With an increasingly ethical and sustainable focus, in 2020 we started to develop a 100% plant-based cuisine.

Moderator: What are the cornerstones for structuring a menu like yours?

Manuela: For breakfast there is a vegetarian buffet and a small vegan buffet next to it, with eggs from a farmer in a neighbouring village and dairy products from the cheese dairy in Cavalese. So the vegan guest has clarity on the buffet and the omnivorous guest also finds the non-vegan part.

The menu consists of five elements: a convivial buffet at the surprise table, an appetiser, three courses of which there is a choice of two, and a dessert. The menu also offers a variant for children. Reduction and simplicity are synonyms for sustainability and freshness.

one of our summer menus

Moderator: How has the positioning of the hotel changed since you focused your restaurant offer on the topic of "veggies"? Have you succeeded in conquering a new market? Have your old customers followed you?

Manuela: We have found new guests who see us as a way to experience a holistic wellness holiday that is also suitable for families.

Loyal guests followed us with an act of trust and curiosity. Some did not because they were afraid of not eating meat. Our plant-based experience is for everyone, but it needs curious guests who are open and tolerant.

Moderator: Sustainability in the kitchen also means waste and packaging: how are these aspects managed in the kitchen?


Always check the rubbish bins

that is the mantra.

Cooking vegetables helps to reduce waste and use leftovers creatively.

Use large produce to reduce packaging.

Refrain from using plastic where possible and be mindful of the type of plastic that can be recycled. Reusable empties also for dishwashing and glass washing products.


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