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Ethics and solidarity are at home at Eco Park Hotel Azalea in Val di Fiemme. Our friendship with the association La voce delle donne (The Voice of Women) and Skills of Charity Arica made this encounter of values possible in the framework of a charity dinner for the emancipation of Ugandan women and children.

We have been working with La voce delle donne for some time, while our relationship with Skills of Charity Africa dates back to this summer when Manuela, who was travelling in Africa to visit her son Nils, happened to meet Eria, a taxi driver. Eria is the founder of an association in Kampala that works for the emancipation of women and children by providing jobs in a social tailoring workshop. Read more in the article A STORM OF LOVE FOR AFRICA.

On Friday 16 December, Voce delle Donne held its Christmas dinner at Azalea. The menu was inspired by the specialities Manuela had discovered on her trip to Kampala. The dinner celebrated Uganda and Ugandan women and suggested buying tailoring items such as bags and aprons and donating the proceeds to the livelihoods of the seamstresses in Kampala. Schooling in Uganda is private and not available to everyone; with the purchase of a bag, a child can pay for a year of schooling. In this way, mothers can also achieve independence.

Also thanks to our work and the help we give to S.O.C.A. in Uganda, the tailoring school can be a source of income for the families involved, and the women and children can gradually become economically emancipated.

The project is still in its infancy, but it is working well and the results are concrete.

Friday's dinner was a moment of celebration for everyone! Colours, voices, sounds and tastes came together under the sign of friendship and solidarity.

The dinner consisted of an aperitif with a non-alcoholic drink adapted to the evening, a starter, a main course and a trio of desserts.

During the aperitif, one could try street food from Uganda:

The cassava (manioc) fried, accompanied by vegan mayonnaise.

The rolex or chapati with omelette and tomatoes.

Avocado bites.

These are all typical Ugandan street food. There are small eateries on the street that prepare these express specialities that you eat while walking on the street. Avocados can be found in every supermarket and avocado trees are everywhere. This fruit is traditionally peeled and eaten like ice cream.

Uganda is a country connected with its specialities, colours, sounds and tastes that you can experience while walking down a street in Kampala. We tried to bring a piece of this world into Voice of Women's Christmas dinner.

Together we tasted Ugandan delicacies, laughed and sang and underlined with love and solidarity our wish for a just and ethical world for the weak and marginalised.


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