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If I try to describe the cuisine of Azalea, many words come to mind that tell of my world: scents, aromas, flavours, herbs and flowers, study, earth, sun, energy and colours, always more colours.

Over these long months, I have delved into the influence of colour on our lives and learnt how to transform an instinctive need into an interesting awareness for our diners as well. And then emotions, of life, but also visceral emotions of cooking, the ones that have accompanied me ever since, as a little girl a penny high, I used to climb on the stool to help my grandmother prepare dough and preserves. And, finally, contaminations, family, regional, of travel.

Each encounter, each place, has given me something, a surprising ingredient from the local producer, an unusual one, a spice that smells of Africa.

Have I intrigued you? We are waiting for you to share our gourmet tale.

Paola Bruzzone (chef at Park Hotel Azalea)


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