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Come and try our cuisine... the vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme (Trentino) is also open to outsiders!

At Eco Park Hotel Azalea we offer 100% organic, plant-based, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, made of colours, scents and creativity. Our menu never lacks specialities from the regional tradition of the Val di Fiemme and typical Italian dishes. Lucia prepares a simple but special pizza according to a family recipe.

Lucia's pizza is made with sourdough. Preparing sourdough requires a certain amount of dedication, because to make it actively sour to the right degree requires patience and frequent care with flour and water.

However, the effort is rewarded by the result: pizzas made with sourdough are much better and more digestible than those made with brewer's yeast.

Sourdough is made by mixing strong flour (rich in gluten and suitable for long sourdoughing), water and sugar (accelerates fermentation). By kneading these ingredients and regularly refreshing them, a living matter is created: the bacteria and ferments produce carbon dioxide and promote the natural formation of yeast.

For pizza, you can get by with these few ingredients, as long as they are of high quality, and you will get a pizza that is simple yet special:

500 g flour

300 g water

150 g sourdough

10 g salt

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Leave the dough to rise in a baking tray covered with a cloth for about 24 hours. Then shape into balls of the desired size and leave to rise for another 2 hours. Roll out the dough in an oiled baking tin, season to taste and bake at 200 degrees for 13-14 minutes.

The process is long, but a good pizza needs patience and passion.

It will surprise you! And if you don't feel like making it yourself, come and eat it with us!



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