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Our vegan hotel in Val di Fiemme (Trentino) is made up of staff with many different personalities. We give everyone the freedom to express their qualities, because when you come to Azalea, you listen to the call for creativity and well-being, both as guests and as staff. You don't come to Eco Park Hotel Azalea by chance.... it is the hotel that is looking for us to reveal ourselves!

One personality who has answered the creative call is Lucia, our precious sous chef! He is one of those people who have dedicated themselves to art and followed their expressiveness into creation.

I am on a journey of art and freedom, of cooking and discovery

Lucia Aiello

Lucia Aiello (known as THE LADY) was born on 4 March 1982 under the sun of San Giuseppe Vesuviano in the province of Naples under the sign of Pisces: the sign of dreamers, idealists and artists.

She lives in Boscoreale (Naples), but her life is a journey with interruptions. When we call her to ask her some questions, she answers from Victoria Station in London, where she is after a short stay in Morocco. It is this curiosity and passion for the world that distinguishes and always enriches her.

The joy of discovery and the love of art have always been part of her life. Her vocation first led her to study architecture and interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. She then studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2007 and specialising in 2010 with 110 cum laude!

Through this job, Lucia has the opportunity to travel and live for art. Besides her work as a scenographer, she maintains a passion for drawing and participates in several exhibitions.

On her travels, Lucia discovers a new attitude to life. In this opening, Lucia comes into contact with vegetable cooking and approaches this new discovery with all her creativity.

Cooking has always been a part of Lucia's life: The whole family is passionate about it and is constantly trying new things.

When she starts to discover vegetable cooking, Lucia is not alone: her mother supports and encourages her. Together they embark on a journey of discovery and experimentation.

Lucia wants to learn and educate herself, she attends courses and starts working her way up in restaurants in Naples.

Her experience in pubs, pizzerias and restaurants, together with her innate creativity and the support of her family, give rise to an extremely exciting new project for Lucia's career: her own restaurant, PIANO TERRA. Lucia and her relatives open the doors of their home to many interested parties and soon there are numerous bookings. The home restaurant receives a lot of attention, people are enthusiastic and curious... Lucia's vegetable kitchen is a real success!

However, the experience ends after three years with the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.

She remembers the experience with joy, lived it fully and with passion.

Lucia is determined to make vegetable cooking her life and after being on call, she starts working in restaurants again. Through a friend, she ends up at Azalea almost by accident, where she can continue to pursue her passion and her art.

When he can, he continues to travel the world and his cuisine becomes more and more distinctive: rich in flavours of different places, colours, feelings and memories.

Thanks to the discovery of the world of plant-based cuisine, one can open oneself to many new proposals and experiments without prejudice.

Plant-based cuisine is indeed an ethical and sustainable cuisine. But it is not a sacrifice. It is a cuisine that awakens emotions, that immerses you in the magic of the earth's gifts and that makes you travel to many different countries, cultures and minds.

It is discovery, it is magic and passion and tradition.

Lucia takes us on a journey, she takes us into a multi-faceted dialogue with the earth and its fruits in her young and dynamic cuisine that goes around the world from Naples.

Come and meet her!


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