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choose the room by tYPE

Have fun choosing your rooms according to the theme or type . They all have different materials and colors but offer a unique experience!

… Sleep and dream… positive energy all around.

A dip in the puffy duvet, a hot shower in a colorful world, a scent of lavender or club on the pillow, a bite of vegan biscuit sitting on the balcony , a bath in the tub with the wet newspaper on the corners.

Everything creative, beautiful and sustainable puts you in a good mood.  Promise of uniqueness of sleep at the Eco Park Hotel Azalea in Cavalese .

The idea of falling asleep surrounded by the scent of nature and recovering the physical strength and mental well-being of an ecological holiday . The essence of Swiss pine and lavender help you sleep. Our pillows give you a peaceful, relaxing and healthy sleep. The choice of cushions is vast: from spelled, millet and above all to Swiss pine from Val di Fiemme . Down jackets recycled with Kapok fiber invite you to a responsible and natural holiday.
You will be amazed!



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