Winter: Azalea Experience

The only eco-friendly hotel in Valle di Fiemme

Tasty and healthy

  • Our food with lots of vegetables, also local and organic, rich in ancient grains and yeast, certified "Vegan OK"
  • 4 times buffet: the dinner begins with a buffet of Steiner's elements, boiled vegetables, vegetable gratin, and preparations in the oven with high-quality cereals like special pizzas
  • On Saturday evening "Welcome at home!": organic prosecco and little appetizers - served in the house bar
  • Every evening our dinner "Starbene Azalea" (feeling good Azalea) with 3 courses and also to choose a preparation of meat menu, high attention to all the intolerances
  • During the week 3 theme dinners: traditional - to dine with the cooks - innovative
  • Every day the tradition of "Manu’s sweet snack"
  • The breakfast is special and it becomes super every day with a surprise ...

Free and children

  • Our program dedicated to the children, creative and nice, in a safe environment and with professional assistants
  • The colored dinners - 3 times a week
  • Blue hour: quiet games before going to sleep
  • Theme creating for children
  • Adventure in the dark
  • The hour of fire
  • Children yoga, singing and music

Trying and discovering

  • Our special walks to know the wonderful Val di Fiemme, to rea the best views and to discover secret places
  • 1 time a week the true walk The wood tells
  • Manuela, Azalea energy, will accompany you in the white mountains for The Silence rite
  • Snowshoeing/panorama walk in the heart of the most romantic and quiet landscape of Fiemme Valley


  • My Moment is our yoga with Mara: listening - know your body - feel the breath - return to self-awareness
  • 3 times a week the good morning yoga
  • Fire meditation and a good hot the together